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    Hi there! I decided on contributing a bit to the community by doing a few decorations (clearly not because they are the easiest). I'm not sure if I should post it under contributions, but I read objects and I'll be posting here everything I make in hopes that them all, or at least some, are included in the game.
    Already got some people telling me that they want'em in the game :v
    Also need to give some special thanks to all muh frens, Raeven for tutorials and S1ndle for helping finding out what I did wrong!

    Ok, so far I did 3 picture frames, as seen bellow; They are part of my "memories series" (which I plan on making some more from memorable things we did in the game, even if just for sandboxin' with frens). At this time I got these, in order, "Vampire Portrait", "Portrait Set" and "Fire Portrait". I understand that Fire Portrait looks tottally crazy and we can agree that crazy is exaclty what we do when sandbox with the homies, so I kinda added some privacy bars to keep it family friendly.
    Anyways, here they are:


    Their catalog XML entry is (kept everything commented so lazies can just copy paste, yet all the info is there):

    <!-- heyty_portraits.iff -->
    <!-- internal name: heyty_portraits -->
    <!-- Description: Everyone got something to remember. Wedding day, birthday or even that time we forcefully acted at school's play. Aww, sweet memories.
    Frame it and it'll last longer! -->
    <P g="65327767" s="17" p="235" n="Sim 'n Crafts 'Love and Joy in a Frame'" />

    ----------------------------- x ---------------------------
    Click here to download (all-in-one)
    ----------------------------- x ---------------------------
    Anyways, that's all for today. Cya in game!

    **EDIT 1: All content was made with Free and Open Source Software, CC0 attributed textures and screenshots provided by friends.
    **EDIT 2: Updated: Added "view" interaction. Changed catalog names. Thanks to Brandon for the great name suggestion.
    **EDIT 3: Updated: Added a link with single file with 3 portraits, they are randomly chosen when placing, as sugested by Raeven. (Clearly making a choose interaction was a bit too much for me right now hihihi)
    **EDIT4: Updated: Now, thanks to our resorceful Raeven, all-in-one got a change interaction working. I was over-enginering it to the point of failure.
    **EDIT5: Updated: Added more pictures and a line to description.
    **EDIT6: Now we got 15 "frames" to choose from. Time to move on.


    As of today I got more new thingys! I'll be editing and adding them as I feel like it. For now, here:
    Me and crew noticed we were lacking of a sign compact enough to go over surfices. Well, had to and I present you "Chalk it Down" and "Chalk it Up". Thanks to Derek and Felicity for description and names, thanks for Aisline for sending inspirational art from her baby for the tiny sign.

    XML entries:

    <!-- heyty_sign.iff -->
    <!-- internal name: heyty_sign -->
    <!-- Description: Got something to say? SAY IT WITH YOUR CHEST! Or chalk, there's chalk here.. -->
    <P g="2C47F9F4" s="18" p="648" n="Chalk it Down" />

    <!-- heyty_sign_tiny.iff -->
    <!-- internal name: heyty_sign_tiny -->
    <!-- Description: Got something to say, but not too much? SAY IT WITH YOUR CHEST REGARDLESS! Or chalk, there's still chalk here. -->
    <P g="584B4823" s="18" p="462" n="Chalk it Up" />

    ----------------------------- x ---------------------------

    Click here to download the regular one.
    Click here to download the tiny one.
    ----------------------------- x ---------------------------
    **EDIT: Fixed the links, my bad.

    Well, since I'm already on it, I needed a way to know if these would be ever included in the game. So I made the right thing to look for it. It looks incredibly better in 2D (the real way to play). Guess the game hates 3D glass, but still loking oki anyways. Here, take this Shine 'n Beyond 'Crystal Ball':


    Y'all got the hang of it, right? XML entry:

    <!-- heyty_crystalball.iff -->
    <!-- internal name: heyty_crystalball -->
    <!-- Description: Crystals can't normally form into balls due to the nature of crystalization process, but behold! Shine 'n Beyond managed to break the laws of physics and presents you with this incredible piece of technology. Trust me when I say that It's so advanced that definitelly feels like magic!. -->

    <P g="43E9115E" s="15" p="65535" n="Shine 'n Beyond 'Crystal Ball'" />

    ----------------------------- x ---------------------------
    Click here to download the Crystal Ball

    ----------------------------- x ---------------------------
    EDIT1: Fixed wrong outcomes from fortunes. Position set to anywhere near instead of in front of.

    Do you like books? I love them, not that I read a lot. Well, got some for you.
    A book pile end-table and a spell book, all credits to the volcanic part goes to Daat, who took it a little serious when I just wanted some cool decor :joy:
    Again, thanks to Derek for naming and describing the bookpile and Daat for naming and describing and volcanic'ing the spellbook. Got even some lore going on.


    ----------------------------- x ---------------------------
    XML entries:

    <!-- heyty_bookpile.iff -->
    <!-- internal name: heyty_bookpile -->
    <!-- Description: Books on Books, as you can see. What, you can't read? -->

    <P g="028DA900" s="13" p="486" n="Books on Books" />

    <!-- heyty_spell_book.iff -->
    <!-- internal name: heyty_spell_book -->
    <!-- Description: In 1849 an individual who was solely known by D.D. found a mysterious book of unknown authorship, The book had some form of archaic Simlish. D.D. spent the rest of his days attempting to decipher the text, some say that drove him mad, others that he deciphered the hidden meanings lurking within the book...but at what cost? Are you willing to decipher it yourself? -->

    <P g="45A32988" s="15" p="8600" n="The Book of Curses" />

    ----------------------------- x ---------------------------

    Click here to download the bookpile
    Click here to download the spellbook


    Hecka lotta books, but no where spooky enough to store them? No worries, got that covered too.
    Yup, it works just fine as a skill item.
    Thanks to Sorta for naming it. Thanks again for her, Derek and Felicity for the ideas I mashed up for description.

    ----------------------------- x ---------------------------
    XML entry:

    <!-- heyty_bookcase.iff -->
    <!-- internal name: heyty_bookcase -->
    <!-- Description: Spooky and yet real life bookcase, it's waiting for you. Not sure if you can understand any of these old books, because, you know, dead men tell no fairytales. -->

    <P g="773DE549" s="16" p="1369" n="Mortician's Bookcase" />

    ----------------------------- x ---------------------------
    Click here to download the bookcase


    Oh no, that damn dapper ghost hid it and I almost forgot to post.
    Here, more clutter decor. A bucket and mop, just in case, you know.
    This is the seccond version, since I went a bit too crazy on polys. Ofc I needed to model all them individual brushes.

    ----------------------------- x ---------------------------
    XML entry:

    <!-- heyty_old_mop.iff -->
    <!-- internal name: heyty_old_mop -->
    <!-- Description: With this brand new, but old looking, set of bucket and mop, you surelly can wipe clean all those tears on the floor when halloween gets delayed again! -->

    <P g="15F73037" s="17" p="620" n="Sorta Bucket'n Mop" />

    ----------------------------- x ---------------------------

    Click here to download the mop and bucket

    P.S.1: I'm not sure about the prices of anything.
    P.S.2: Items continues on here.
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    Looks like a fun addition.

    My preference for clutter objects like this is to make them "X-in-1". This combines them all into a single object that displays different variants each they are purchased (or you can include an interaction allowing the owner of the object to choose a specific variant to display). A number of CC objects in the game use this sort of thing. One of the simplest to check out is the Pep Step stepping stones. There are 3 nodes near the bottom of the init tree that
    A) Randomly choose a number
    B) set the graphic to match that number then
    C) Refresh the graphic.
    These 3 nodes in that init tree are why you randomly get a green or red Pep Step each time you buy one.

    You could do the same with your 3 pictures. Since they'd be 1 object you would have to give the collection one name and description for the buymode catalog rather than having three personalized ones.
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    Thanks for the feedback, I'll try to add a select interaction, since I plan to keep adding more! :p
    I'll work on it right now and update asap!

    P.S.: I tried and failed.
    Tips on how to make the interaction are welcome.
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    I'm not a pro and I'm totally concious that I can't (and prob won't ever) make the most good looking items as many CC we got in the game; Most of the time I have no idea of what I'm doing in Blender, but it's really fun to give it try.
    Due to this endeavour, I occupied myself away from the excrutiating daily life for a while and learned a thing or two. The best part of this was getting friends excited about it and trying too, so I hope to see some new stuff from them soon!
    Idk who I'm addressing this, but you, dear Simmer who took time to read this, join us and make stuff too! Don't be afraid if they don't look as good as Toddy's, or Raeven's, or Andrew's, or S1ndle's, or Brandon's, or... You got me, right? We all need to start from somewhere, even if it's a simple low-poly mesh and poorly textured. No one is born knowing how-to and even if it got a steep learning curve for some, we can always enjoy learning and trying for a few
    Now I quit being motivational, and, well, present you today's vanity items. Counters were feeling a bit empty.

    ----------------------------- x ---------------------------
    XML entry:

    <!-- heyty_vanityitems.iff -->
    <!-- internal name: heyty_vanityitems -->
    <!-- Description: Tired of that empty counter in your vanity space? Well, those days are over! Make up your mind and get your Everyday Makeup Kit right now! -->
    <P g="0682296F" s="17" p="100" n="Everyday Makeup Kit" />

    ----------------------------- x ---------------------------
    Click here to download vanity items

    Made a new tipjar. It's a coffin, because of reasons. This one is looking great. Giga-Hyper-Mega-Special Thanks to Brandon for helping me fixing the baking stuff. Also, it flickers when tipping *boo!*

    ----------------------------- x ---------------------------
    XML entry:

    <!-- heyty_coffinjar.iff -->
    <!-- internal name: heyty_coffinjar -->
    <!-- Description: Do you need somewhere to store all those tips? Well, this is definitely the last thing you'll need. -->
    <P g="1465B737" s="18" p="100" n="Tippin' Coffin" />

    ----------------------------- x ---------------------------
    Click here to download the coffin tipjar
    ----------------------------- x ---------------------------
    EDIT 1: Fixed zoom issue and "check tips" interaction being also "withdraw funds".

    P.S.: When I feel like it I'll rework some of the previous items.
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    Absolutely love everything in here! Hopefully we'll see some of this on Halloween. :rolleyes:
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