Higher Payout and Skill Speed when more users are online in city

Discussion in 'Gameplay Designs' started by Josbo, Oct 7, 2018.

  1. Josbo

    Josbo New Member

    i was thinking that we should encourage people to login more.

    Because FreeSO is such a social game, when there are fewer lots online and few people online it creates a vicious cycle where people stop engaging as there are few things to do and few places to go.

    If we had a skill speed and payout speed go up with total users online, it would encourage people to log in. I think something in this fashion that rewards players for being active players would make a big difference.
  2. Raeven

    Raeven Well-Known Member

    While increasing skill speed and payout amounts may encourage a burst of activity, it could not sustain anyone's interest. Neither skills nor money are really goals unto themselves; They are means to other ends. Especially Skilling. Gathering both more quickly simply means getting to a point where you've gotten all of the skills and a bunch of money more quickly. Then what?

    That "Then What?" part is really the key. We really should focus on all of the activities *outside* of gaining skills and money. But, honestly, lots of us don't even know what to do if we are not skilling and making money. (I'm definitely one of those and am hoping that the neighborhoods being introduced will help organize and connect us all in a way where folks like myself can become more active in other parts of the game.) So we keep focusing on that and we zero in on gaining it all faster but what we really should be doing is improving the activities themselves.

    The amount of time it takes to gain skills and money isn't nearly as important as the fact that it can wind up being a pretty boring way to spend your time. The group skilling objects are quite a nice step toward combating that. We need more of that :)
  3. molonom

    molonom New Member

    I'm very new to FreeSo, but I feel already like there is a problem with the gameplay and this amount of time you spend on money or skills...
    I was expecting to find a community who wanted to share, do roleplay, or whatever... It's a bit disappointing for a newbie.

    I think the game should encourage to be someone else, be creative, everything the Sims always have been about !
    I've never played the original Sims Online, but maybe it was already like this ?
  4. Raeven

    Raeven Well-Known Member

    Yes, The Sims Online was already like this, though the higher population meant more people who broke out of that mindset to do other things.
    We've all been trying to think up and introduce ways to make non skill and money activities more appealing but, as you say, that can only encourage people. It can't force them to change the way they are playing. There is currently nothing (actively) stopping people role-playing and being creative. Groups of people do and have, in fact. You'll occasionally find players who are a couple of hundred days old with no skills to speak of. There will always be a portion of the community that believes money and skills is The Goal, though.

    Finding each other may actually be one of the the challenges that perhaps we can help with some. Personally, I am hoping that the upcoming neighborhoods update will shake things up enough to get people out of their ruts and communicating with each other beyond money and skill lots. I know there is at least one discord server set up for a neighborhood already so they can stay in touch, socialize, and never miss each other's events.

    If you can think up improvements for playing socially, definitely write up the design the best you can and post it in a new thread right here in http://forum.freeso.org/forums/gameplay-designs.39/
    Design ideas are very welcome (quickie, vague suggestions that get tossed about carelessly don't tend to be responded to, of course, but everything does get read)
  5. molonom

    molonom New Member

    Ok, I think I will play a little bit more, and think about it before posting a new thread. But I feel concerned about giving a second chance to this game, and I'm almost sure it has to go through gameplay changes to survive !
  6. Raeven

    Raeven Well-Known Member

    I am pretty excited to see what ideas you come up with as you play.

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