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Discussion in '3D Remeshing' started by Mixa97sr, Sep 2, 2017.

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    Time for me to get in on meshing. I'll usually mesh simple things and post them here...
  2. Mixa97sr

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    The Castle chair 1, how it's called in volcanic, or Duke of Earle Throne Chair in game is remade.

    There's a site that can upgrade the resolution and quality of the texture, so I tried it out and decided to post the new, improved version with custom textures here.
    New image for comparison:

    Details are not that visible, but the texture image is still small, 202x340 pix. You can however see the improved details at the top of the chair.

    -First tris count: over 2.500

    -New tris count: 536

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  3. Mixa97sr

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    Another mesh done.
    Sofa Castle 1, or in game Gothic Revival Bench is now remeshed:
    Tris count: 590

    I decided to do the same thing with the bench, so I updated it's textures too.


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    Now this was a little more complicated task, but it was at least doable.
    Card Game
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    -Normal state: 832tris
    -Opened state: 892tris

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  5. Mixa97sr

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    Next on this list...
    Dance Floor


    -First tris count:
    over 3700
    -New tris count: 20

    (I really need to add tiles there :p )

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  6. Mixa97sr

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    This time... THE ICONIC:

    LOVEBED! (That gave me nightmares)

    IT is now finally restored and improved. BEHOLD it's glory!

    Tris count: 1162

    This was both fun and a nightmare to make, but it turned out really good and I have learned a lot from it too... There's a lot of files in that .zip tho lol, but it's a 6tile animated object so, it's actually not that much.

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    Next two objects come as a set:

    - Queue Rope
    - Wedding Rope


    Velvet rope tris count:
    240 tris for base part
    - 40 tris for each rope part

    Wedding rope tris count:
    748 tris base part
    - 16 tris for each rope part

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    Havent posted anything in a while... probably since I started uni. But here are two of my finished projects that I've been holding on a shelf for a while:

    :LOVE TUB:

    This Took not that much time, since few of the animations (states) use the same sprite graphic over and over. I just had to animate the water surface and that was it.


    Tris count: 964tris


    Not so hard to do, literally made it from a cube as it is obvious lol. I also made a presentation of making it on YouTube so here's that too:

    Tris count: 12

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  9. Mixa97sr

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    So finally, after some time, I decide to remesh something worth remeshing, and it also turned out quite good. I guess most tiring thing was texture work, but again, it was a great practice.

    I present you:

    The magnificent, roulette table.


    Not really much to say about this one, so feast your eyes. Was a hard but interesting thing to make.

    Few more remeshes coming soon.

    The files could not be posted via forums so external link to Mediafire is needed.

    Have fun! :D
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  10. Mixa97sr

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    Today's Garden Gnome day, if Google is to be trusted. The doodle, explaining process of making the gnomes by hand completely reminded me of this:


    So I finally decided to post it.

    Tris count:
    -Only table: 988
    -Table with finished gnome: 1458

    Here's the file:

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  11. -BloodFighter-

    -BloodFighter- Active Member

    What a funny coincidence. Just yesterday I was doing a gnome in FreeSO and was wondering when someone would ever remesh the working table.
  12. Raeven

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    Looks great <3
  13. Mixa97sr

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    One BIG remesh update
    So here are the remeshes I've been putting of for months, literally:

    Dance Cage:
    560 tris

    Loft Window:
    562 tris

    Benches Wedding Double:
    272 tris EACH

    Benches Wedding Threeseat:
    340 tris EACH

    Wedding Pillar:
    578 tris

    Wedding End Table:
    570 tris


    Barrel Chair:
    633 tris

    Plasma TV:
    326 tris

    MEDIA FIRE link:
    Since the forums did not allow me to post the TV zip for some reason.

    372 tris WORKING
    421 tris BROKEN

    Retro Stairs:
    286 tris

    Rave Stool:
    473 tris

    Thanks to Moretta who made the mesh of the stool

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  14. Mixa97sr

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    The Last Remesh (for now)
    This remesh is posted separately because it's texture still uses original sprite:

    It is obviously a Bookshelf remesh.

    Tris Count:
    746 tris

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  15. Mixa97sr

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    Balls and Ballpit
    The Ballpit needed a remesh ASAP, it was a mush. So I did it, and added proprietary ball remesh as well:

    Ball Pit Empty:
    144 tris
    Ball Pit Full:
    254 tris
    180 tris

    Texture size for each of those is 256x256 but the Full Ball Pit uses 2 textures of that size.

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