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Discussion in 'Translations' started by steveharper2, Jan 25, 2018.

  1. steveharper2

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    Hello Guyz!
    I would like to translate FreeSO to Hungarian and Japanese. Could anybody help me regarding the easiest ways to translate? How was the original version translated to German? I would like to make a similar way of translation.
    Please help me out a bit here on the technical stuff. What programs will I need to use for this project?
    Best wishes,
    Steve Harper
  2. The Architect

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  3. steveharper2

    steveharper2 New Member

    Thanks for the swift answer, Architech! :D
    I will look into it, and start somewhere myself. I will keep updating the progress with tables, charts and pictures here on the Forum.
    ATTENTION! Is there anybody here who can also read and write Japanese? That would be a great help btw! Please PM me or comment on this forum. We can work together! :D
    I might also find some material on the japanese version of the Sims 1, who knows.
    Bye for now!
  4. steveharper2

    steveharper2 New Member

    Please could somebody help me with switching the language code to Japanese or French? I need French for showing Hungarian fonts in game. I am using Windows 10, so I can't change the language coding with the -lang3 or -lang15 launch options. There is simple no option for this on Windows 10 at the .exe parameters. Could you help me with changing the language code in some other ways?

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