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Discussion in 'Gameplay Designs' started by Shade10398, Aug 19, 2018.

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    As it kind of stands right now skilling just takes up a lot of time of just AFKing around and just boils down the game a bit to a facebook waiting game before you can really make a lot of cash.

    I know this might be hard to code but it'd be neat if we could have certain games that if scored high enough we could get big boosts to our skills. Like the group skills but instead of a Money payout it's a skill payout.

    I had a couple ideas for a few skills already and these would just be a minigame that would payout skill based on your score and maybe have a small multiplier and count toward the total skill % speed

    Creativity or Logic: Basically a typing test with each word being RNG. Score is based on accuracy and time remaining. (Like you are writing some kind of research paper)
    Body: Basically Whack a Mole with a mouse mini game
    Creativity: Piano keys or drum set that works like Simon Says or maybe like bop it
    Cooking: Some kind of peeler minigame where you have to press certain keys that show up probably arrow keys to peel fruit

    I understand if the engine isn't even capable of this but just seems like a healthy twist on skilling just boring basically having to AFK for em
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    I FULLY AGREE. Although there is a afk timeout, it doesn't really help once somebody figures out when to anticipate for the window prompt to pop to 'wake' up the player and click x to response, so a player can simply send their character to skill, afk for 15 minutes, click 'to stay logged in' and continue afking while grinding skills effortlessly. Though it did help to resolve the problem a little bit where players stay pretty much antisocial in skill and money slots... but that's how far the tweak helped - only a little. So much for the game being known as a social interactive roleplay, many players are too focus in skilling and grinding money that is a tedious process to wait around, which encourages them to afk and thus they forget that the point of the game is typically talk and interact socially with other players, which they don't due to the one-click grind system.

    Kinda tired today to write fully fledge suggestion... but I'm put out this: the 'minigame' system/mechanic could be introduced to one-player skills player that don't need to be that complex. All those objects need to is to force players to engage in gameplay (If they wish to) and talk while grinding oppose to afking.
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