Independence Day Trivia @ Studio Twenty on July 4th

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    Come one, come all, win big and have some HC!
    Date: 07/04/2018 (July the 4th)
    Place: Studio Twenty
    Time: 2 PM CST

    Broadcast live with DJ Andee (Andrew Winds) on Internet Radio, the Studio Twenty Independence Day Trivia event will be unlike any event that has yet taken place inside FreeSO. With huge prizes being given away and some of the best HC you've ever had, Studio Twenty is the place to be on the 4th of July!
    Everyone who joins the lot during the event will be eligible to receive $2k just for showing up!
    If there is enough interest in this event, the lot limit will be increased to 128 for the day.

    I hope the server isn't wiped before then.

    Speed Trivia

    Answer questions about the thirteen colonies and our adoption of the Deceleration of Independence. Questions could range from the everyday goings on of the citizens of colonial North America to more specific questions, such as what food Benjamen Franklin preferred for dinner. Study for this Speed Trivia event, at least a little bit, and you'll have an advantage over those who don't.
    Sims who are interested in participating in the event should contact Leptoon on Discord.

    Round: 5 Participants, 1 Winner.
    Number of Normal Rounds: 6
    Number of Grand Prize Rounds: 1

    Prizes: §10,000 (in-game) per normal round!
    Grand Prize: $200 American Express Gift Card!!!

    When the event begins, round 1 will take place followed by round 2, and so on. A round will begin only when all five Sims are on the property. If one Sim is missing, we'll move on to the next round. If the missing Sim never shows up, the other four participants in that round will each receive §2,500.
    During a round, five participants will be asked a question simultaneously via Discord to eliminate lag, and the first Sim to answer correctly will win §10,000.
    After the first five rounds, the grand prize round will be held between the previous round winners. If we have a no-show, the grand prize round may be conducted with fewer than five contestants.
    1.) Those who are interested in participating in the Speed Trivia event must register in advance. Contact Lepton on Discord to submit your Sim name for registration.
    2.) This event is limited to 25 participants! Please show up to the event if you have registered! :)
    If we don't have 25 participants before the 4th, we'll allow registered Sims to participate in multiple rounds of Speed Trivia.
    3.) Participants will be contacted on Discord two weeks before the event to go over the event procedure, and I encourage you to ask any questions at that time.

    Who Wants to Be a Simillionaire?

    Answer a series of ten progressively more difficult questions with no time limit on the first five questions and a time limit of 25 seconds per question for the last five questions, and a grand prize of $100,000 (in-game) plus a $200 American Express gift card if you answer all ten questions correctly.
    Interested Sims must contact Leptoon on Discord. Please read more below.

    Round: 1 Participant, 10 Questions
    Number of Rounds: 5

    Ten Questions - §100,000 (in-game) + $200 American Express Gift Card
    Nine Questions - §50,000
    Eight Questions - §25,000

    When you reach the seventh question, your winnings are locked in at §12,500.
    Seven Questions - §12,500
    Six Questions §9,000
    Five Questions - §7,500

    When you reach the fourth question, your winnings are locked in at §5,000.
    Four Questions - §5,000
    Three Questions - §2,500
    Two Questions - §1,500
    One Question - §1,000


    Please keep an eye on this thread for updates and additions!

    PS. As you can imagine, this event isn't going to be cheap to conduct. I could be spending several hundred thousand. I still need to build the lot around the event too. So if you are interested in contributing to the event, please contact me on Discord. Thank you.
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    § - simolean symbol (alt + 21)
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    Thanks for the tip.
    I updated the event time, all participants should arrive no later than 2:15 PM on the 4th to claim their spot.

    If there is enough interest in the event, the lot limit will be increased to 128 for the day.

    Please message me on Discord (Leptoon) if you would like to participate in the trivia. More information will be added soon.

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