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    Intensive Full.png

    What is Intensive?
    I will post here with updates and other information pertaining to Intensive. If any of you are interested, send me a PM! I would really appreciate a couple of people to get your opinion on features currently in the works or entirely new features that you think might be cool.
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    Tray buttons: Open in Dispatch button
    New Button Styles
    I've been experimenting with a bunch of different styles for Intensive. The most recent style is shown above. The image above is to be placed on a button that opens Node Dispatch which you can find out more about in the first post here in this thread.
    Tray buttons: Disabled button (left), enabled button (right)
    Rename and Delete Buttons
    The delete button has been functional for quite some time however it and Rename now use the special binoculars-tray style buttons (2nd picture from the top). Rename will reveal a small dialog within the editor (not in a new window). Delete will of course remove the node selected in Intensive Explorer. The reason I mention this small detail is because it highlights the new buttons being worked on and how they look.
    Intensive Explorer with a Class Contents List opened. ("Method" is the chosen scope's name)
    Class Contents List
    In Intensive, when you select a node from Intensive Explorer it will show a list of everything in that specific scope. From there you can select a node from the list to jump to where that node is located in the actual script. Otherwise you can click the opened node again (in this case, "Method") to close it. Lastly, the nodes in the picture above are just for example and don't actually do anything yet!
    That is not all Intensive can do, but I will release information periodically here.
    Thank you to all who follow Intensive.
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    Always had a thing for "node based programming/scripting", it's so fun and user friendly. Good luck, to be honest this looks awesome.
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    Latest features + Things in the works
    Animation2.gif Animation3.gif
    Tray buttons example -- Node Tree Editor beginnings
    Working - Tray
    The tray (shown above in GIF 1) has buttons that have graphics on them and can have as many operations as necessary. In the future perhaps user selected actions could go in the tray. This would not be hard as adding and removing buttons is done using the XAML editor, and actually initializing them is done in code behind with one line. The class for these buttons will handle the rest like calling the action tied to it, mouse hover events, etc.
    Very Early - Node Tree Editor
    I have a few things planned for this. Number one different orientations. In the GIF above, you saw that when entered it renders each node in a straight line is pretty boring. In the future once nodes having a return true and return false nodes, this will begin to look a lot more interesting. Perhaps different orientations like Tile (where they're in uniform rows and columns), or even different node sizes on screen are all possible in the future.
    Working - Notification Bar
    To be adopted more within the application later, right now it works as intended showing a completely custom message. After 5 seconds it hides or you can press the fancy X button to hide it as well. Is it all you've hoped for? It better be. Oh and don't say it looks too Microsoft Edge like! I can't help it :( .
    Slight UI Changes
    The two "TextBlock" buttons beneath the Intensive Explorer are likely to be removed in the near future in favor of the tray. The Intensive Explorer is now resizable in preparation for possible 'Add Ins' to the sidebar there. Like perhaps adding other things like the dearly beloved "Class Viewer" that only me and Matt have seen. If you are curious it was removed for being pointless as class viewing is the entire point of Intensive Explorer. Don't make fun of me for my poor decisions. The Tray now looks like it's part of the Sidebar which in my opinion looks very nice.
    Working - Resizing
    Why did it take me so long to make elements in Binoculars react correctly to being resized? Well it's very simple... i don't really care. Long story short, it looks nice. Here's a 3 MB GIF portraying that. Pay no attention to the Kikwi! That's only for Rhys if he reads my post.
    Thanks for following Intensive!
    More info coming sooner than last time... hopefully.
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    Finally another update!
    Sorry for the lack of posts! Busyness as well as taking a small break to focus on other things have gotten in the way of the project. After such a long time I feel energized to continue this so that's a great thing isn't it?
    Custom Color Picker
    It's not a huge deal or anything, but since colors are such a large focus of Intensive, I thought if I wanted it done right, I had to do it myself.
    You can select swatches from images on your PC and click directly onto them or select from a list of colors to select a color. Along with that, when you select a color you can control the brightness. You can even select from a hex color value, and select from fine tuned RGB values. Along with that, it looks pretty fancy too :cool:.
    Animation7.gif Animation5.gif Animation6.gif
    Left: Custom Swatches with color selection methods. Center: Editable RGB values; Right: Editable HEX color value;
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    Care for a little eye candy?
    Intensive is coming along great but I've been focusing on other things recently. However, that's not to say that things haven't gotten done since the last time we spoke! Take a look at some of this smooth jazz:
    New Animations and Logos:

    While there isn't much to show, work is still being done on Intensive and hopefully soon we will be looking at the first (small) application made with Intensive!
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    Time to put on those 3D - ana-glyph glasses again, probably collecting dust somewhere. (Try putting some on, it looks really intensive with them on BTW :cool:)

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