Introducing Sunrise Crater!

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  1. mini_cooper4

    mini_cooper4 Member

    WOW !!!!
    You've completely transformed Test Center into something amazing.

    We'll have one house somewhere on the beach and one somewhere in the snowy area.
    Not sure where exactly since we'll need to examine the whole map from up close first.
    A 3rd lot to start our own business is a must too.
    One question though: Since I'll be playing with my girlfriend can we both be roommates of each other's houses ?
  2. Jafar

    Jafar New Member

    Awesome I can't wait!!!!!! Who remembers TSO online radio stations (Charmed radio, party central radio, were all common ones we listened to obviously they're all gone since TSO shut down). I've been DJing in Second Life and can't wait to bring talents to freeso as well (got my own private stream)
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  3. xXJDrocks450Xx

    xXJDrocks450Xx Well-Known Member

    I'd say most likely not, but one of you could own the house and the other could be a roommate.
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  4. PB Three

    PB Three New Member

    In the original TSO, a player could only have one property. If you were a roommate at a property, you could not own your own. Likewise if you owned a property, you could not be a roommate at someone else's property.
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  5. simsfreak

    simsfreak Active Member

    Were you the Bear -- dressed as a Bear -- always serenading? :p
  6. PB Three

    PB Three New Member

    I don't remember serenading much. I knew a couple other bear sims, such as Cherri Bear. I didn't start using the serenade social until towards the end of the game.

    I'd be much more memorable as the "Polar Bear in a Tux" (tuxedo)
  7. mini_cooper4

    mini_cooper4 Member

    Afair FreeSo will allow players to own multiple lots.
    How do we go about roommates then ?
    Do I need to own both properties just so my girlfriend can be a roommate of both houses ?
    Will there be some sort of shared ownership ? Maybe Rhy can share more on that.
  8. JWofles

    JWofles Active Member

    On the 6th of January, you either have the choice to be able to own a lot or to be a roommate of somebody else's lot (you can't be both). Being a roommate+owning a lot allows you to open it at any time you want. Multi-property ownership may be something that will be added in the future (that's up to Rhys) but for now, you can only have one lot :)
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  9. JeremyT

    JeremyT Member

    Rhys and Team, it excites me to see that we have made it this far. Thank you very much for pushing on and making this happen for the community. I haven't been as active as I once was, but I have popped my head in from time to time to see the progress. I can't wait to dive into Sunrise Crater next week!
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  10. RHY3756547

    RHY3756547 FreeSO Developer Staff Member Moderator

    Eventually there will be a way to unlock multiple lot residence, but the details haven't been worked out yet. It will complicate things tremendously, probably. You can only be a resident of one property right now.
  11. mini_cooper4

    mini_cooper4 Member

    What happens if I own a property and decide to become a roommate of another one ?
    Do I still own my original home ?
    Last question: Me and my girlfriend will be playing from the same house(ip) and sometimes on the same PC (not at the same time of course).
    How can we be sure that the system won't register that as suspicious behavior ? I'm sure plenty of people will be playing with their wives/close ones.
    Will you manually mark such cases as exemptions ?
  12. RHY3756547

    RHY3756547 FreeSO Developer Staff Member Moderator

    You must move out of a property to become roommate of another. When you move out of a property all of your objects move to your inventory.
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  13. mini_cooper4

    mini_cooper4 Member

    What about my second question.
    How do we go about that ?
  14. Simhrique0990

    Simhrique0990 Active Member

    Well.. the objects of the roommate is disabled if,he is offline? [because,i have a plan to build a lot for the brazilian community,and my friends is gonna to help]
  15. Raeven

    Raeven Well-Known Member

    mini_cooper4, I am not sure how Rhys and Co plan on assessing suspicious activity but in general game companies have a list of specific activities that'll flag you as suspicious. Once flagged your account is then assessed (sometimes twice, once by a program and then again by a person) before you are banned. The same IP address is one of the items on the list, but it isn't a major one because families playing the same MMO is very common. Natural, normal gameplay will mean more than your IP addresses being the same.
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  16. mini_cooper4

    mini_cooper4 Member

    Yes, I'm familiar with all that.
    Multiple accounts are against the rules as has been mentioned numerous times before.
    For example: I'm playing on my PC and in the same time my GF is playing on her laptop.
    We are both in the same house, using the same ip.
    How does the team recognize this as normal behavior and is there a way to know it isn't just one person playing on both accounts ?
    I don't want to see an account I spent time on get suspended while I played by the rules. No one wants that to happen.
    I'm asking because it isn't clear at all how this system will work and whether it will work at all.
  17. RHY3756547

    RHY3756547 FreeSO Developer Staff Member Moderator

    If it were clear how the system worked, people would deliberately try to work around it. A lot of our bot and multi-account detection will be closed source server plugins. Not all flags will lead to any form of ban, and all permanent bans must be verified then enforced by admins, but in extreme conditions it might be possible for the server to suspend your account immediately. You'll know when it's working if you get banned for breaking the rules.

    I'll share what data might be collected, since we're going to be transparent. This data will never be released to the public, and will only be viewable by admins and trusted moderators.
    • In-Memory analysis of commands sent to the server.
    • Command Logs (chat and interactions) around flagged activities (generally detected by the above)
    • All transactions, to and from users, including object value (eg. $10000 for $8000 in object value) for long-term analysis
    You can get kicked out by the owner (on lot or via your person page) or leave by yourself from your person page.
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  18. mini_cooper4

    mini_cooper4 Member

    Good to know.
    As long as no one gets his account suspended when he's done nothing wrong it should be all good.
  19. weslley luzzi

    weslley luzzi New Member

    Will the servers be able to support so many people? It seems that many players will want to test, only in the Brazilian community there are thousands of people anxious.
  20. RHY3756547

    RHY3756547 FreeSO Developer Staff Member Moderator

    The servers I can immediately afford should be able to support a moderately large amount of people. If we have any trouble we can go larger, but I only have a part time job right now so it would become a stretch quickly.
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