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    I've noticed a lack of people playing code (CBU) in game relative to other activities, and the groups I have noticed tend to be exclusively small groups of 3-4 that only play on their own property alone at max level. Frequently I hear people say things like "I've never tried code it seems complicated" or "I've heard code pays well but it seems intimidating to learn". To the contrary, code is in my opinion easier to play and coordinate than pizza, the only other group money object we have available at the moment and yet it is played seemingly a lot less often. The effort of this post is to combat this by pointing to some publicly available guides and reveal some not-so publicly available tools to make your code experience much more enjoyable, especially in the learning phase which realistically doesn't need to extend past a game or two.
    What is code?
    The Core Business Unit or code machine as it is referred to colloquially is a group money object for three users - Logic, Body, and Mech - where the objective each round is to solve a 3-digit, 3-character code by logical process or following a flowchart for simolean reward. We have an absolutely fantastic guide on the game here: so I won't bother regurgitating any of the info in there. If you are new to code - give it a read before you play your first game. Code, in terms of cash generation, is the most consistent money making object currently implemented in the game. It is easier to fill a 3 person table, making it 25% easier to get a max game of code relative to 4 person group objects, and you suffer no randomness using a flowchart. The max payout is between 399-436 depending on a conditional occurrence to group objects called the overwork penalty. With 30-45 payouts per round, code has a very high earning potential at max level - $13-$18,000 per green.

    What is this flowchart or "cheat sheet" people keep blabbing about?
    While it has some "ease of use" aesthetic issues, every code sheet you see will look something like this, but with different steps using different letters as filters. To use it, each round you start AAA. The machine will tell you how many of the digits you guess correctly, 0 1 2 or 3. Based on this result, you follow the arrow to the next guess on that path labeled with the corresponding number. For example, if you start AAA and the code machine says "1/3 of those guesses is correct", you would go down the middle lane of the flowchart, with your next guess being ABC. From there if the machine said "2/3 of those guesses is correct", you would guess ABB and either that is correct or following a 1/3 result would be ACC. Rinse and repeat.
    Wait... there's more?

    We are very fortunate to have an amazingly contributive community. Naz was nice enough to make this handy little web tool you can run in a browser to learn code, and Matt at TSOmania was nice enough to host it. This tool emulates roughly what you see as a user when playing code in a handy, lightweight web page.

    If anyone wants to contribute to this, such as assisting with visually redesigning the flowchart please contact me. And if anyone wants to play or learn in game just send a message to Old Man Chompers! :D
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