Jam Thieves

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by StrawberryBananarama, Apr 12, 2017.

  1. Lately, I have been noticing a rise of thieves in the jamming properties.
    Can we list them here so that owners may see and have a chance to ban them before they get to their properties?
  2. Alonzo

    Alonzo Active Member

    No, the Sunrise Prison Population is full, so criminals are being let out early. (Jam Thieves).
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  3. Kyanna

    Kyanna New Member

    With the rise of new players we get the rise of thieves. Everyone deserves a second chance. They should only be banned from a lot if they're caught . It's not fair to ban them from every lot just because they stole jams from a few lots.
  4. Chompers

    Chompers Member

    Stop making jam.
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  5. Alonzo

    Alonzo Active Member

    I agree, jam thieves are people too ya know..
  6. Kyanna

    Kyanna New Member

    Why is jamming still so popular?
    It takes almost 5 minutes and the the payout is so little especially after the Payout Decrease. Why not fill up a boarding lot ? :)
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  7. Alonzo

    Alonzo Active Member

    Good question.
  8. ron1

    ron1 Member

    you CANT be serious!!! HAHAHA!!!!!
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  9. X_Lukelisx

    X_Lukelisx Member

    What if someone falsely accuse someone of being the thief? People shouldn't ban someone just because of believing in that kind of rumours/propaganda of someone.
  10. Blayer98

    Blayer98 Active Member

    That's clearly not a good solution, that's being unfair towards people, especially if it was an accident.

    It's also essentially the owner's responsibility to PREVENT this from happening, and it's also the user's responsibility to NOT AFK when doing things that give a payout which is the jams in this case.
  11. Lele

    Lele New Member

    It is NOT essentially the owner's responsibility to prevent this from happening. The owner/roommates are busy serenading, BP/hustling, making food, and dealing with the guests. And putting the blame on the victim for AFKing? Seriously? This kind of thinking is the reason why good players quit.
  12. Blayer98

    Blayer98 Active Member

    Actually, they can use Buy Mode while doing all of that, don't make excuses lol, All they have to do is move the jams elsewhere where no one can get them then move them back, and that takes like 5 seconds.
  13. Raeven

    Raeven Well-Known Member

    No "excuses" need to be made for not stopping someone from taking your jam.

    It being easily and quickly done absolutely does not make it the lot owner's responsibility to actively prevent people from jacking someone else's solo object. And being able to pop into buymode and move something can only be done f the host is scanning the lot constantly monitoring everyone's activity in addition to the everything else they choose to do.

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