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Discussion in 'Support' started by TheSimsFan, Oct 19, 2017.

  1. TheSimsFan

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    Hello. TheSimsFan here.

    I saw ExplodingTNT/SMG4's videos and they make it really great! I was wondering if I could do the same but with The Sims. The best way to do it if there are more sims in The Sims. I was wondering if I could do it in FreeSO?

    This is only a question to developers of FreeSO
  2. TheSimsFan

    TheSimsFan Member

    Or did I post this in the wrong topic?
  3. mrpenguinb

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    It is completely fine to make video commentaries about FreeSO, there isn't many videos about FreeSO on Youtube. You are welcome to do anything you like, just don't try to make people pay you to 'buy' the game. (it is free by the way, that is why it is called Free Simulator Online afterall)
    I can't tell you exactly what is wrong to do but someone else might be able to clarify if need be.

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