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    hey, on this page you can find all the 3d meshes i've fixed for freeso available for download. feel free to use this ingame, look at them or whatever you want. as well as the download, you can also find the source files for each upload. you can do anything you want with these files, credit appreciated but i don't mind :)
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    cardboardbox / Table - End - Cardboard Box / cardboardbox_iff_100
    - 103 tris (was 2,000 tris before)
    - uses original textures

    - object download (1.58kb)
    > includes .fsom file
    > install by putting the .fsom file into '/FreeSO/Content/MeshReplace'
    - source files download (2.17mb)
    > includes .blend & .obj files

    if you have any problems with the files, or the downloads links, please let me know ;)
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