[LEGACY]How to join a server and install FreeSO

Discussion in 'Support' started by Nahuel3d, Aug 5, 2015.

  1. HarleyQuinn

    HarleyQuinn New Member

    How can I download the FreeSo dist? There is nothing that says download anywhere?
  2. Alvar

    Alvar New Member

    Thanks! I did as you wrote and it's working now!

    Enter this site:
    Then click on "Artifacts" and on "dist-258.zip", download starts automatically :)
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  3. Dominiksim

    Dominiksim New Member

  4. Dominiksim

    Dominiksim New Member

    OMG this with "-dx11" WORK!! thank you! It's helped. :D
    Buuut i have a question.Are that server disconnected or i have a next error? [​IMG]
  5. RHY3756547

    RHY3756547 FreeSO Developer Staff Member Moderator

    The server has moved domain name like 20 times. You'll want to contact @PatrickJr to join his server - there's a discord chat for it as well.
  6. Nickst3r15

    Nickst3r15 New Member

    Hi I have followed the instructions to the Tee and eveytime when I click on the free so.exe it force stops it self so basically it crashes
  7. "Your graphics card is outdated and doesn't support/has every feature from OpenGL, this causes an blank screen after opening it.

    First, try updating your graphics card drivers, after updating, try running FreeSO again... did it work? Congratulations and have fun!

    Didn't work? Well, there is another way to make it work...

    Create a shortcut to "FreeSO.exe" by right clicking the executable -> Send to... -> Desktop
    Now, find the shortcut on your desktop, right click and click on "Properties", a window will open...
    [​IMG] Are you seeing the "Target" text? Well, after the ", add -dx11:
    Try running FreeSO with your desktop shortcut you created."
  8. Nickst3r15

    Nickst3r15 New Member

    it says the name C:/Program files/maxies/the sims online/freeso.exe"-dx11 specified in the target box is not valid make sure the path file and the name are correct. i dont know what else to do
  9. Can you copy and paste here what is in the "Target:" box?
  10. HarleyQuinn

    HarleyQuinn New Member

    I have ran The Sims Online setup, clicked cancel when it asked me for the key, but I don't know where it saved my files... I have checked both, Program Files (x86), and just normal Program Files, and nothing. I even when't to my start menu and typed in, "The Sims Online" and nothing... Weird, thanks for the help everyone! :)
  11. Try running the Setup again (no, you don't need to download everything again, open the "The Sims Online Setup Files" (it will be on the same folder as the "Setup The Sims Online.exe" and click on "Setup.exe"
  12. Maeito

    Maeito New Member

    Hey Im having a problem with it needing my sign in. I signed into my account but it says EA is down. Any help?
  13. You need to open "FreeSO.exe", not "TSOClient.exe"
  14. Maeito

    Maeito New Member

    It gives me this error
  15. GeorgeEnglish01

    GeorgeEnglish01 New Member

    how do i chat ?
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  16. GeorgeEnglish01

    GeorgeEnglish01 New Member

    How Do I Chat Please Help MEEEEEEEEEEEE!
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  17. xosweetdreamrxo9

    xosweetdreamrxo9 New Member

    Is this still an active project? If so, I am very excited to hear. I have a mac and tried downloading the setup file and I am getting the message that it can't be opened bc "there is no application to open it". Idk what application I would need, please help?
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  18. RHY3756547

    RHY3756547 FreeSO Developer Staff Member Moderator

    Mac install is currently very complicated. @Tirea is the only person who has done it, though I wouldn't advise attempting ot right now, as it doesnt work too well on Mac.
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  19. Nahuel3d

    Nahuel3d Active Member

    With the ENTER key
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  20. jonny8159

    jonny8159 New Member

    Hi everyone. I'm trying to download the FreeSO Dist but there is no download link in the link you provided? Or am I completely missing it? Thanks. Can't wait to try this out again.

    EDIT: Don't worry I found it.
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