[LEGACY]How to join a server and install FreeSO

Discussion in 'Support' started by Nahuel3d, Aug 5, 2015.

  1. mrpenguinb

    mrpenguinb Active Member

    Your entire problem is caused by FreeSO not being able to find XAudio .dll's. All that is needed is for you to reinstall/install all optional DirectX 9.0c components. In Google, search for "directx web installer", it should be the first search result. Proceed to download and install DirectX. FreeSO should launch correctly with no errors at all! (hopefully) :p
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  2. simsuncensored

    simsuncensored New Member

    Ty.. I will try that..
    I got tired Of getting disappointed and installed it all on my computer(Win 10) with no prob. I just had to choose OpenGL in Sleek and played for hours.. I still need to get running on my Lab Top as I cant sit at a computer for long.
  3. simsuncensored

    simsuncensored New Member

    Well that got me in the game.. Then as soon as i try to enter Freeso lot it crashed with error below.. im going to try and reinstall freeso again.

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  4. Tori Sim

    Tori Sim Active Member

    Please tell me you updated your .NET Framework?
  5. simsuncensored

    simsuncensored New Member

    I Installed OpenGL and OpenAL and NET Framework
    I updated my Drivers and installed The Microsoft Visual C++ for 32bit
    I am trying everything several times I have installed and reinstalled a doz times.
    every time I change something I just keep getting different errors.
    Seems the only thing left for me too do is get windows 10 because freeso doesn't like windows 7 at all.
  6. hepler08

    hepler08 Member

    had the same error and i also have windows 7. it worked after this

  7. simsuncensored

    simsuncensored New Member

    Turns out the game will run some on my old labtop... I can get into freeso.ml I just have to wait a very long time for the lot to load. search option works very slow but I cant get into empty lot at all.

    I can now get onto empty lot I zoom in all the way and then click over and over until it works. finally building my house woohoo
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  8. blackyeloowbr

    blackyeloowbr New Member

    Alguem pode me ensinar a criar um servidor?
  9. Bob Newbie

    Bob Newbie New Member

    In case people find text tutorilas hard ( Not sure how but, okay ) I will more then glad do a video tutorial regarding legacy installation in case nobody done it already.
  10. Raeven

    Raeven Well-Known Member

    Being unable to process information in a specific form (like text) is not uncommon, actually. It is just rarely accommodated. It is great of you to do it!
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  11. Paul Goldstar

    Paul Goldstar New Member

    I tried to install Freeso but the WinZip box came up. It said that my trial has run out and I have to buy WinZip. Do I have to buy WinZip to install it? Plus, I installed the old Sims Online CD's that I bought years ago. Will that one work?
  12. mrpenguinb

    mrpenguinb Active Member

    Get rid of WinZip and download 7-Zip (completely free) it has no trial. If you are installing The Sims 1 on Windows 10 you have to get past the SecuROM protection (DRM). For the Sims online you will need to download the installer (since FreeSO uses a specific version I think) from EA's servers since they provide the latest (and last) updates for The Sims Online. (You could try to install the game from your CD's, it may work but I don't know.)
  13. Paul Goldstar

    Paul Goldstar New Member

    I deleted the WinZip. That is fine. I installed the 7-zip and that is now done.
    I installed the Freeso. When I clicked the Freeso short cut to start the game, all it showed me was the exception box. I found the freeso.exe was not install. So I deleted the Freeso folder so I can redownload the Freeso program. When I click install freeso, all it is doing "now" is giving me a documents folder. Not the download program. The download is from freeso.net.
    Can you give me step by step instructions and the links so I can download the program?
  14. mrpenguinb

    mrpenguinb Active Member

    A very big thanks goes to xXJDrocksXx, he has made a universal installer that gives you the option to install either the GS (Global Server) client or the Legacy Client! :eek:
    The link to the download is right here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/m0lh70eq8s1op1l/FreeSO Installer.zip?dl=0
    If Dropbox asks you to sign-in, you don't have to just press the tiny "X" in the top right hand corner of the window.

    Once into the installer (after extracting it with 7-Zip/Winrar) you run the "FreeSO Installer.exe". It is completely up to you whether you don't mind waiting for the GS to be up or if you want to reminisce in single player. Just select either the "Legacy" or "Global Server" option.

    Right now the Global Server is not up yet, neither registrations or donations will be accepted yet until Rhys says so.
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  15. Pysieqck

    Pysieqck New Member

    I have Very SMALL BIG problem with the installer, every time, i tried to install, FreeSO installer were crashing ! (It can't even download files)
  16. Jucimar Santos

    Jucimar Santos New Member

  17. mama raven

    mama raven New Member

    how do i login to my game?
  18. Brianna

    Brianna New Member

    I'm trying to download the game but for some reason I cannot extract the dist files into the TSOclient files.
    Also, when I click on the link to download the extra packing slips, it doesn't download... Could someone help me please?
    error message.PNG
  19. mrpenguinb

    mrpenguinb Active Member

    Dont use WinRar to extract .zip files into system protected areas. But you are using the legacy version switch to the Global Server version unless if you really want to play offline by yourself. Just download the FreeSO installer from: https://freeso.net/

    When installing using the installer make sure that you select either the "Global Server Edition" or "Legacy Edition" :)
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  20. Brianna

    Brianna New Member

    Thank you! I was able to download and play! :)

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