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    I joined and it was nostalgic, I also found out you can't host your own instance of this. Thanks anyway, I'll just play! :)

    Hi I've been "rtfm'ing" and trying different search criteria but I'm not coming up with any definitive answers or tutorials on setting this up for a few friends to play on that are interested. I have a dedicated server sitting around with Proxmox and can slice off VM's/VPS's however I see fit so I thought I'd put FreeSO on a Win Server 2016 virtual machine with 16-32 gb, 8/16core/threads and see how it ran.

    It does not in anyway seem to be a difficult task to set up a server but from what I'm reading, I'll have to remote desktop into the machine and log on to the FreeSO server from there and play from there to allow family and friends to join. This is not ideal, I'm looking to just run an instance and then we (we being some family and friends) connect to it. In some circles this is called a "headless server".

    Is this achievable? Am I reaching too far, or maybe I'm not reading enough or digging deep enough into the forums, or maybe I'm not using the right search criteria, etc. etc.

    Can anyone shed some light on this for me? Do I just need to follow the basic directions and run the server off of one of my home machines, run the client and connect to the server via the same machine then allow friends to connect?

    Thank you in advance for any help! :)
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