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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Christopher, Jan 8, 2017.

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    Hey all, I was doing a little thinking about how bad it would even be if FreeSO redistributed the TSO files that are currently being hosted by EA, if ever the day came when EA stopped providing them. I remembered that Toontown, a popular MMO by Disney, was recreated after it closed as well (Toontown Rewritten:

    If DISNEY hasn't bothered to send a cease and desist letter for distributing copywritten game content, I surely don't think EA would give a damn!
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    Since no one else has said anything. Even if EA does take the download down. Its not illegal to host the files for download in other places. And the way FreeSO is being done is completely legal from my understanding. (FreeSO's is completely rewritten).

    Edit - I also want to point out that in most cases there is really only 3 reasons to shut down fan projects like this.

    1) Its taking away money from them. Or they are getting money from other means then "donations"
    2) Its getting so popular that its taking potential (not current) customers away.
    3) They don't want others using there code or whatever else for use in the project.

    That being said we only "should" fall into the 2nd one. FreeSO is Free. Even if asking for money Donations would be the safest way and really only way it should go. The 3rd one shouldn't be a problem since everything related to TSO should be obsolete by now. So then depending on how big FreeSO gets will determine if EA wants to try anything.
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    Please keep in mind FreeSO is a game engine, and reads the TSO files, FreeSO does not have any TSO files in it's builds whatsoever so the 3rd reason is strictly out of the question. FreeSO does not re-distribute any game files at all, and any installers for FreeSO download from the link on EA's server.
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