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    This question might be a stupid one but I'll just give it a try: Is FreeSO a legal software in every aspect? I've recently moved to Germany, and they check everything out here appearently so I'm freaking out whenever I want to download something *free*. -And I'm ignorant enough to not understand anything related to digital world/technology when I read things by myself, so that is why I'm asking-

    I never got to play The Sims Online. Now I feel like I must plaay!


    Thank you in advance.
  2. mrpenguinb

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    FreeSO is technically legal since it reuses The Sims Online's assets. FreeSO is a complete re-implementation of TSO and SimAntics. TSO can be downloaded from EA's servers for FREE meaning that TSO is technically free for anyone to play. Pretty cool stuff.
  3. Metin Ozyagcilar

    Metin Ozyagcilar New Member

    Okay then. Thank you for your answer!
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