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  1. Lenny

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    Re-meshing by Lenny.

    What's in the package:

    Mesh Replace Package Download:
    Totaling 3 item
    Updated 23rd Dec 2018
    (File naming includes how many objects, if the number on the end is higher than a previous zip then it is newer.)

    What's to come:
    Holiday bear, & worldmap

    For my next trick, I will paint a clown face on the Mona Lisa while using the shroud of Turin as a drop-cloth.

    If you're super enjoying my re-meshes you can send me some simoleon love in-game. (PM me for my sim name).

    Attached Files:

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  2. Lenny

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    Another object, the teddy bear, I am still doing the holiday bear but I thought I want to get this one up already, so holiday bear is next.
    Here's some screenshots of what's in already in.

    surf.png blob.png bear.png
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