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  1. X_Lukelisx

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    • Players should be able to apply for maid/gardener/butler jobs.
    • After getting the job, you can start working by waiting until someone does a "Quick-hire" or waiting until someone hired the required service by regular shift:
      • Once someone does a "quick-hire" for the service you're working in, you will get a prompt (with options being "yes" and "no) whenever you wanna start your work at the active player's property lot who hired the service.
      • If they hire you by the regular shift, you will get the prompt when the clock hits the specific hour that you're suppose to be in time.
    If you decline the offer to work straight away or by the regular shift, or you leave the property before your shift ends: NPC will be there to replace your spot. If you missed work, but still arrive at the lot late (you can call for carpool even If your late), the npc will disappear and you will replace the npc's after you arrive (the npc will despawn).

    This NPC is obviously a combination of both: of maid and butler, so you'll be doing the task of cleaning and gardening (duh!). The Resident can ask you to "stay for the night", which will unlock your sim's capability to sleep on the lot. Though, the bed you'll be sleeping must first be assign by the roomate/owner of the lot. In a figuritive sense, your kinda like a remember but without any access unlocked like a real roommate.

    Fire Fighter.
    I heard somewhere that (correctly me If I'm wrong, but) fire is disabled in the game. Don't know, but perhaps If it got enable and coded to occur as a rare threat, fire fighters could be dear to save your life/property. Though, the player will have to have a fire truck and an emergency alarmm at a residential lot to be able to work as a fire fighter and receive emergency calls.

    Like above, If we get burglars returned: allow police to respond to calls and arrest these criminals.
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  2. Raeven

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    Waiting where?
    By waiting do you mean literally just doing nothing in the hopes that someone will send a hire request?

    Emergency Services seem like they might need an entirely different approach from service staff.
    I don't know that it could ever really become acceptable to jump out of a pizza game to rush off and put a fire out at someone else's lot. Doing that would kinda kill your chances at being invited to pizza. Leaving one's job mid-shift results in penalties. Closing a lot when you are the only rooomie is also not a choice most would make, I thnk. It seems like the player would pretty much always end up having to pass on the job unless they do nothing but except wait for emergencies.
  3. X_Lukelisx

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    By waiting I mean by the specific hours it takes. Let's say (I'm new to the game, so I'm giving an example) Maids come at 12 pm. So by that hour or an hour before the prompt should appear. It isn't t necessary, because it depends whenever that player who hired you by the shift or straight-away/now after the call. Thus, you won't necessary miss out for pizza. Perhaps emergency could occur at "fake lots" (those that aren't runned by the players, like a (closed/shut down) diner for example).
  4. Melika

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    I agree that we can have maid/gardener/repairman players. Sims will have more ways to earn money and make friends. It doesn't need to be a full time job, they don't need to work for a specific house. Anyone can be a maid or a gardener since it doesn't require any skills. They can be lazy, hardworking, flirty etc. It's much more interesting than hiring the NPC. If your sim can't afford to hire a player maid, just do the work themselves or leave the house dirty. It's not an emergency. Repairman needs mechanical and logic skills, so they get paid more not just the fees for repairing the objects, but also more tips. Both players can negotiate how much to pay/get paid. They can even get married with their maid/gardener/repairman. I disagree with players being fire fighter/police on other players' lots because it will be too difficult when there is an emergency and you can't find someone to help. It can be a mini game, on a community lot.

    To make this work, I think NPC Maid/Gardener/Repairman should be more expansive, or decrease the cost of repairing object with more skills. It's much cheaper to hire the NPC than hiring a player even though NPCs are lazier, they still get the job done. For example, hiring a NPC repairman is only $100 per hour, but repairing a crafted computer with max mech and logic skills costs around $460, and fixing the crafted sprinkler is $700, plus the tips to pay your player repairman the total will be much higher. Having max mech and logic skills does help to repair the wear of that object, but soon it will break again. So no one really needs to find a player made sim to do this, thus not many players are willing to offer this service. As a player myself, I love to visit other lots and chat while water their plants/clean their house/repair objects, i usually do this for free for a friend but by offering this service as a part time job can be fun, too.

    I personally would like to see Hire a Maid/Gardener/Repairman completely be disabled, because it's a online game, players should help each other. If your sim died (which happens very often in freeSO these days by repairing cheap lights), there is a time penalty if you can't find a shaman to revive you. In world of warcraft, different professions make different items, and sell it to other players. I think that's what makes a online game interesting.
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  5. X_Lukelisx

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    That's why I suggest a placeholder, a NPC to take place if the worker decliners the offer because of the time or doesn't have an interest. An NPC would be practical, because the host (player who hired said service on a lot) will still receive the called service on their lot.

    To add another suggestion, player should be able to choose for which lot to work for with its given schedule (if not called for instant-arriving) time. You're right that player will often pass on offer often than not... but that apply for those that already have a job (like waiter) and are housing without roomate active. Those that have a lot of freetime in FreeSO (which there are certaintly many players) and homeless (again, you can't deny there aren't) would find it as an opportunity to earn a buck from real-player-interaction in turn for customer service. If a player is horrible at time managament, why even have two jobs at once?

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