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Discussion in 'Gameplay Designs' started by ReaganLambo, Mar 14, 2022.

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    With head and name change requests no longer being accepted, would a makeover lot be an acceptable replacement?

    A sim walks into a makeover lot. They sit in a chair, facing a mirror. The owner/roomate of the lot walks to them and is able to change the sims head, from a selection of those available. The sim can request a certain head, and afterwards, a payment is made out to the lot from the sims account.

    Name changes would be similar, possibly done at an accounting desk where a sim sits across from the owner/roomate, tells them the name they'd wish to change to, then the owner/roomate would enter it into an interface, changing the sim's name. I think this would probably be a set cost, and expensive as to not allow for spamming (4-5 figures) and only doable after a set interval (1-2 weeks per name change).

    This wouldn't even have to be it's own lot type, I think head changing would fit under the service lot category, and name changes could be an extra functionality of community lots, and would just be sort of a money sink, where the money paid goes nowhere and is deleted from circulation.

    This is all just an idea, and implementing it would take magnitudes more time than going through a decade of name/head change requests.

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