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    A thread for all of my re-makes of TSO objects! Hope you enjoy.

    UPDATED - Fixed an issue with the chair jittering as the wrong models were used for the animations (two models swapped places when they shouldn't).

    Made so far : diningchairs_moderate A.K.A - "Touch of Teak Dinette Chair" dining_chair_moderate_preview.png

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    I'm back with something new! Been a solid year and more since I made my last remesh. Introducing : The ... Unleashed Cafe Window whose name I never bothered to look up.

    And after a long hype to a point where the door became a mythical creature of itself, the Red Cafe Door!

    UPDATE: Zip now contains BOTH the Window AND the Door. (despite the zip file name).

    NOTE: The Door uses TEX_2 from the doorsunleashed iff file.


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