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  1. Wildcherry77

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    When is there or is there ever going to be a need for Mech skills besides code etc.... In the orginal version items broke down and in this version they don't. So there is no need to study mech anymore.
  2. AquilaSim

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    You needs mech skills for repairing the broken machines at the robot factory so no, studying mech isn't useless...
  3. Wildcherry77

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    Maybe not useless but not needed like it used to be. All players seem to want to do is cooking and making jam and pizza. Mech used to be poplar.
  4. Raeven

    Raeven Active Member

    Interestingly back when I played TSO (beta and pre-EA Land) all everyone wanted to do was Gnome LOL.
    People just all flock together on one object to hang out together. It was Jams' turn this time because the first people who arrived associated money with pizza and pizza with cooking. It was the skill they learned first. Others followed suit to get the best speed. They, naturally, then made money with jams and lot owners found that the jam theme makes for wonder lot names so Factories popped up.

    Mechanics has a few uses in the game.
    • Solo money object: Gnomes,
    • A station on a group money object: Code machine, and
    • repairing broken objects (NOT YET IMPLEMENTED)
    • A job requirement (Robot Factory)
    Cooking is
    • Solo money object: Jams,
    • 2 stations on a group money object: Pizza, and
    • serving more filling meals (a hosting skill)
    There isn't any job that requires cooking, BUT cooking is what one might view as a "support skill", I guess, for others. When combined with Charisma, for example, you get a very useful Shaman ability. (Mech's version benefits oneself and the effect, while interesting, isn't viewed as particularly useful by most).

    At higher levels, when combined with a specific skill grants a nice little friendly interactions. Give Cookies is my favorite. These don't really boost motives, but they are flippin' adorbs and... cookies! In many ways Mech's job requirement actually outweighs those social-centric interactions. But then again ... cookies.
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