Mind blown: An Open Source Windows Is ‘Definitely Possible’

Discussion in 'Programming' started by aidancheddar, Apr 3, 2015.

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    Not really, but seriously. It's 20+ degrees Celsius and these guys are just running around in scarfs with some Starbucks coffee cups and MacBooks. I don't get it.

    I was thinking about launching an old Linux port of a game on a modern OS, but then dependencies killed me. :c

    Afr0, I'd say people in general. Sure, gamers already complain if one, very old game, won't run on a modern OS - but I wouldn't be surprised if I've seen someone using Word 95 on Windows 10. Oh, wait, Gabe already tried that.
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    *quakes in fear*
  3. BorderKontrol

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    to be fair some old ports are still very good
    like UT2004
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  4. pisarz1958

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    Everytime someone thinks about linking libs dynamically (which is why Linux feels more awesome than Windows) instead of statically, binary becomes useless after a few updates because "LOL THEY COULD JUST RECOMPILE EVERYTHING ITS LINUX WHO CARES".

    Sure, Steam makes it easier since you as a dev are targetting steam, not current OS, but still.
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    not on topic!!! You should probably make a topic for this, with the title "Uncontrollable and Inexplicable Rage" and a message body comprising of as many random keys as you can press in 5 seconds, all caps.

    Either way, you go cool off or whatever, and all future posts in this thread should be relating to an open source windows only!
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    Sorry. Should the previous few messages be moved though too into a new topic or not? Future posts will be on-topic from now on.

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