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    Now, I know I did this a solid 8 months ago now, but it surprisingly still works (as there have been no protocol changes as of 1.8.9) on most servers. It's coded in Python and uses the DNS.resolver library.
    What does it do?
    It checks Minecraft server statuses and, where possible, displays a list of plugins the server is running. In most cases it will display the server's MOTD and the Minecraft version (can be 1.8.8, Craftbukkit-1.8.8, Craftbnukkit-1.8.9-SNAPSHOT, etc). I may add saving of server icons in the future but it's not top priority ;)
    How do I use it?
    Simply launch the .py file with Python and follow the on-screen instructions. The player list and the ping will update every 5 seconds, but you can enter any value in a text file named "mc.properties" for the program to read from and use this as the update interval.
    How am I doing this?
    I'm using the handshake packet (0x00, explained here) which gets sent to the server, and then the server sends back a long-ass JSON string.
    Most of which is actually just the image :)
    Anyways, here's the code. I created a GUI version in VB (my last visual basic project woo) for a particular server (cough, cough) but when it shut down I think I might've lost the files. Doesn't matter anyway since it required practically every single library available on the internet just to run, but hey it was great because a few people used it in all its 100MB glory!

    I'll get round to re-coding this in C# at some point.

    Edit: 999th thread. I'd like to thank the academy...
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