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    theres a small glitch when you put a plate of food on a table someone is sitting at, their sim stands up to grab the plate then sits back down or stands to eat. another way to make the dining experience better would be to add a "Group serve" instead of group meal, that serves all the food plates to the nearest surfaces (floating the plates or the sim manually serves each table individually) so that sims dont have to line up and take turns grabbing plates. another small glitch occurs when a sim is using an object, interactions with that sim cancels their use of the object/dog sniffs, etc. this helps when getting people out of the way of dishwashers? but isnt useful when sims are using objects intended for an objective.

    on another topic the outlandish but needed idea: allowing more roommates at properties. the top property list is set up to create competition between lots. this is useful for getting new lots built however this is causing an issue at present: everyone wants their own property and there are simply too many. most properties are understaffed.

    a lot of players only play 1-2 days a week. the sim cap of 24 has the opposite effect of encouraging competition, and that is a good thing.

    the game right now needs more cooperation and socialization not competition. that can be achieved by allowing more roommates. nobody wants to kick out good roomys, especially when a reason some roomys dont play is they dont feel "needed" if the property is offline. this discourages roomys from opening the lot on their own. the effect the current set up is an "All or nothing" approach, that leaves very little opportunity for consistency for lots to be online. this is a problem shared with skill lots, money lots, practically all lots. the roommate cap is restricting the ability of lots to function, why? the server population cannot support the very high quantity of lots. for instance, if there are 5 money or 5 skill houses open, each having 1-2 sim, that is incredibly inefficient for all 10 sims playing. why does this happen? because property owners, and maybe 1 other roommate are the only ones that feel and kind of investment in the property they built. the game could facilitate more consistency by incentivizing roommates to play casually by letting more of them live at the same place. right now that is not possible. if a popular lot is online, and only one roommate is home, that creates a huge amount of pressure and burnout for the roommates. if that roommate goes offline, and there are no other lots online, where do those sims go? They log off, sometimes forever.
    roommates also do not see themselves as integral to the lot they live at. this is because its easier to be a part time roommate than a full time owner. there is no easy answer to that, but these ideas would not take away the ability of players to use their other sims and be a roomy on one sim and an owner on the other. i honestly believe sims will enjoy being roommates more for a couple reasons: they decide which sim they like playing on more, the only way players will make a decision which sim to log onto is which gives a better experience: being a roomy or being the owner.

    there is so little incentive for people to be roommates because of the things i talked about: pressure working by themselves, they get the property bonus even if they do not log on. this actually creates a disincentive for roommates to log on: why? because the owner takes responsibility for the success of the property, the roommate will simply think "why would I come online if i get the property bonus either way, thats the owners problem, and if the property suffers, i will just move out". that is a horrible situation to put property owners in. the way to address this can party be addressed by allowing more roomates to live at a property. it will take the burden off, and create better experience if one of the roommates happens to crash, taking everyone with them.

    another idea that is pure theory and sadly complicated but would address the underlying problems maintaing consistency in the game. i dont know of ANY property that isnt looking for roommates, except very few private homes. to encourage consistency with less "Scattering" of random 1-2 person lots is to scale property bonus with time spent at the lot with the biggest bonuses going to the properties with the most roommates. this creates a win-win incentive for sims to log in and contribute to a property. i dont know how this would work, perhaps using the "sim bonus" option that pays out depending on time-logged in for the day that progressively increases depending on how many roommates you have or some other measure. the game needs a way to discourage the vast overabundance of random lots and highly encourage people to be roommates. creating a much better player experience where we dont have to worry about "skill", "house", and "money" hopping constantly joining and rejoining lots, because the situation we have right now is places are going off and online, causing a lot of players to simply forgo doing anything together and forcing owners to stay online while their roommates get 80% of the bonus. the properties need consolidation and more fairness for all players, it would help all categories if people did what the game encourages, that is being a roommate and not just having 10 lots competing over 30 players.
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    Hi! I found some bugs and glitches too!
    Should I post them here, or anywhere else?
    We should really make a new thread for reporting bugs and glitches, I think!

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