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Discussion in 'Support' started by Justin Casse, Nov 13, 2022.

  1. Justin Casse

    Justin Casse New Member


    I purchased a dog (Rottweiler) from a store, can't remember the name, I also purchased some bits for it from the main store like food bowl, bed, climbing thingy.

    Not logged in for a few days and just logged in now to see the dog and it's carrier has disappeared from my lot and the other items are still there.

    Any idea's ?
  2. Justin Casse

    Justin Casse New Member


    Is this a bug and we are just gaining skill then earning money and have to accept it when we lose valuables in our own lots?

    Admittedly I allowed my son to use a sim of mine whilst I was also playing online as well therefore I received notification of violation, I stopped him straight away as I did not remember this rule as I haven't played for a long time, has my account been rolled back due to this violation and that's why my dog has disappeared ?

    If that's the case I don't have an issue with it but would have appreciated being told.

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