MonoGame, take 200; v3.3 (release) stable

Discussion in 'Programming' started by aidancheddar, Mar 26, 2015.

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    Well, the new keyboard and first order of the new laptop both were quite a bust. The second order of the laptop, which I'm on now, works like a dream. Anyway, I started a new branch on my SimsExperimental repository for Coursera, after I removed GameDevFox. I started the class not to long ago and grabbed the assets where I'm reading the book written by the course teacher that was also suggested by me, no less, and gonna be following the videos as well. Now that MonoGame 3.3 is finally out of development phase, so is the Content Pipeline!

    The content pipeline is finally able to build without dependance on the Windows Phone 7 SDK, making development from Mac and Linux finally practical. It's the only way I was able to build this example, to be honest. It worked without question. Truth be told, XNA Redist and it's development libraries were never re-installed on my computer after 0.1.26 and after I found out I can access MonoGame from NuGet.

    So, yeah. Actually progress should happen this time. I know the MonoGame development builds are considered stable too but, eh, personal preference.
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    Finally, a video update.
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    Another video update. This time using a different tutorial that is a little bit more hands on. It deals with Texture Atlas and talks about animated sprites.

    In the "game" itself, I showed the animated sprite and the atlas used to achieve the animation. It's all contained in one class and will be reused!
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    Nice work!
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    Currently, I'm following a tutorial and checking out other open source MonoGame project in order to understand it beyond everything residing in Game1.cs and make a complete(ish) game. While I'm doing that, I'm also finally gathering notes on C# and MonoGame and storing Evernote in order to keep track of what I learned beyond the basics and into some more areas. Something I shoulda done a long time ago but flew over my head.

    Obviously, this will go towards Project Dollhouse but also HomeTactics, a rewrite of TS1's engine based on as much PD code as needed. The latter is still being setup, re-tuned, and experimented with. While the goal HomeTactics is straight forward - get Sims on Linux, make it run without resorting to 16 colours/other hoops, and expand it's lifespan - it also doubles as PD tutorial, due to it's heavy use of it's libraries or individual source code. Right now, the goal is make the loading screen and neighborhood ready and functional have exist as a prototype and foundation. HomeTactics won't be formally announced on PD until the prototype is complete. That way I won't pull an Xenzo again.

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