My pet (dog ) is missing!

Discussion in 'Support' started by Zuzu, Mar 10, 2017.

  1. Zuzu

    Zuzu New Member

    Hey folks
    I just bought a pet.I provide him all hiss needs and left home for short time.He was sleeping.When I logged in back I found he is missing.We did not spent even a full day together.he stayed almost 12 hours. :(( I feel so down.Any advice pls ?

  2. Max Power

    Max Power New Member

    Hey, I'm afraid your pet has run away... It happened to me too. I bought a new one and now I put him back in his carrier every time I go out. They are like little sims, but their needs are more frequent than ours, so they take a lot a care. I suggest buying a new one and just putting it away whenever you are not right there with it. Sry to hear about your pet, Good Luck in the future! :)
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  3. Pets are very buggy right now. All sorts of things can go wrong with them.

    I'd suggest avoiding them for the foreseeable future. The game is still in testing, so all sorts of interesting things can happen, whether we want them to or not...
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  4. ashleymcb

    ashleymcb New Member

    anyone have any idea why I can't log in? says my name and password are wrong i've used this account and my freeso account from the site.. :'(
  5. Mags

    Mags New Member

    Mine didn't want to know me despite how much attention I sent him. He didn't socialise with me despite me trying. Now he left after a couple of days :(
    My lot seems to be buggy anyway, posted in another thread about that. My welcome lot doesn't pay people for using work objects like boards or easels. My small property is kinda stuffed til it gets sorted, oh well!
    Oh and I have just noticed that my social never goes up when I am on my property

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