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  1. Out of curiosity , you could edit the MySims PC game in order to play online again? o_O
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    As someone who owns MySims PC, I can sympathize with this. However, as someone who has had previous involvement in reverse engineering the TSO protocol without a ping, I can tell you that it's no walk in the park. One challenge at a time.
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    I wish for this to be restored. <3
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    LOL. Seriously, I was browsing to find out if some people wanted the servers of Mysims PC to go online again... And here I'm at my start point.
    I am waiting for TSO to come again.
    I am waiting for Mysims servers to come again too.
    That'y just crazy how EA let you buy a game you love, then they just turns it off. Especially for MySims servers who shut down on 2011 and the game 's lauch was on 2008.
    It was a cute funny game really nice on multiplayer...
    The online aspect was clearly not as complex as TSO one. It's a multiplayer by invitaiton. I'm wondering if it can be restored easily by Tunngle... Do you know that?

    For people who played MySims, what did you like on it?
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