Narsictic community wont tolerate dissident people

Discussion in 'Daily Life' started by liinor, Feb 11, 2021.

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    Saying half of the truth is not the same as saying the truth.
    You have been spamming the reactions. Let me send you some examples (see links)

    106 out of 119 reactions are yours.

    Then you proceeded to spam the emoji :ban: in the chat and saying "Narcist community" in the general chat because you were upset about it (I have proof if you forgot)
    I'm sorry but you got the permission from reacting taken away for abusing it. Then you abused the chat, so it's also been revoked. Have a nice day

    Link1 :
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  3. liinor

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    You kept removing my messages and I did just put BAN emote back there. Its not like I would been spamming I just returned back my emote message. Its just emotes and you could tell stuff there into freeso chat too in front of people too instead instant remove. Im not forgetting telling anything half. Everyone can see my actions in discord unless you banning and removing my messages. its not abusing it was just to expressing myself Im not forcing anyone to anything.
  4. liinor

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    and No IT WAS NEVER REVOKE thats a lie. IM still banned and I was all the time banned.

    You people just want to make look like im a liar even thought you are ones removing messages. I did sent Link related to that shit TO main Boss RHYS himself but he didn't know what to tell in that situation and he wanted me to ask from Aquila. if my reacts were spam then maybe you should reconsider post I reacted as spam.

    This is spamming:
    Link 1:
    Link 2:
    Link 3:
    Link 4:
    Link 5:
    Link 6:

    Nodster also hides some of his reactions even thought he had already put there some.
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