Neighbourhood Project - Three Spikes (all are welcome!) [LF Roomies]

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    Disclaimer: This project is not claiming to take ownership of the ‘Three Spikes’ neighbourhood, it is purely to provide a space for the players living within the area to communicate and make friends.

    Welcome to the Project Three Spikes thread! (Name subject to change post-update.)

    We are formed by a group of friends who would like to build a more tight-knit community within the game. We envisage a thriving area where players regularly drop in to see their neighbours just to say hello and keep them company. We’d love to have a place for everyone to hang out and easily make new friends, where anybody is welcome and hurtful trolling is not tolerated.

    We use Discord to keep in touch with our fellow players. Anyone is welcome to join, regardless of whether you live in Three Spikes or not. However, residents of the area do have access to some special channels that visitors will not. There are a few rules there which should be read if you join. Joining is, of course, totally optional!

    Our Discord offers players:
    • A unique bot called “SimsBot” which allows you to register your sims to your discord tag so other players can find you (with more features coming soon).
    • A noticeboard on upcoming FreeSO player events all over the map (if we are aware of them).
    • Voice chat channels for singing to each other at 3am (which are generally used on a daily basis).
    • Regular bonding sessions over online jigsaws / pictionary / cards against humanity / typing races / watching movies together and SO much more.
    • Special residents channels, some of which provide space for players running for mayor (of Three Spikes) to show off their campaigns.
    • An amazing collection of hot, fresh memes straight from the oven, especially OG FreeSO memes (with plenty of mustard).
    • Private channels for lot owners and their roomies, for those who don’t want to manage their own server but want a place to keep in touch with their household.
    • Loads of duck themed emojis.. literally 30+
    If this sounds like a Discord that you’d enjoy, then join us here.

    We host a variety of events all over the neighbourhood, and as a community we do our best to support each other with ideas, planning and even volunteer as on-hand staff. Some examples of past events we have held include:
    • The Grand Duck Hotel’s launch nights which include minigames such as musical chairs, eating contests, emoji charades and many more.
    • Chateau Knoll’s opening which combined an escape room with numerous puzzles and brainteasers.
    • Three Spikes Casino with Spooky’s Bingo nights (and who doesn’t love bingo!?).
    • Many random appearances of "Fawn's Prawn's" (aka a bunch of pink people) and their synced dancing.
    And hopefully many more to come!

    How To Join
    As for requirements... well, there aren’t really any! Anyone is welcome! However, we do not tolerate rude players who are unwelcoming or like to actively cause hurtful drama. We want this area to be a safe place where everyone is comfortable.

    We have plenty of roomie spots in a variety of lot types, which you can easily enquire about here, ingame or on the Discord. Lot owners are also of course welcome to move in anywhere they wish (you don't have to ask us or anything), with the majority of our properties being located in between the two bodies of water (but we like to sandwich in together).

    All lot types are welcome but we are definitely lacking in the skill and romance areas!

    In Closing
    We hope our neighbourhood project has interested you enough to see you drop in and say hello, even if only as a visitor! As a parting gift, here are a few of our favourite memories from a variety of nights. See you in the crater!





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    Three Spikes has brought me the opportunity to meet a lot of amazing people who make me laugh and enjoy every second of the time I am with them. I join them in voice chat almost everyday and I'm having a blast. I love my Three Spikes family and it's always wonderful to see new members and making new friends so hopefully see you there :D
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    They really do have cool projects. The discord is really fun, and i can let myself go creating memes about admins <3
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