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  1. X_Lukelisx

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    Motives: Average.
    Greening: Slow
    Special Objects: New set of list:
    • Switches (switches can trigger traps, and stuff with pre-existing objects)
      • Button - triggers a linked object only for certain amount of time.
        • Interaction for owner: link to.
        • Interaction for owner&player: press it.
      • Lever - toggles on and off a linked object. Interactions: 'flick the lever'.
        • Interaction for owner: link to.
        • Interaction for owner&player: flip it.
      • #1 Floor switch - will remain active once someone stepped on.
        • Interaction for owner: link to.
        • Interaction for owner&player: step on it.
      • Tripwire - trigger's a linked trap when somebody walks pass through it.
        • Interaction for owner: link to & hide it & reveal it.
    • Traps
      • Falling trap: makes floor disappear and literally drops the player one/few levels down.
      • Net/Rope trap: makes ceiling disappear and literally ascends the player one/few levels down.
      • Dispenser:
        • FlameThrower: set player's sim on fire.
        • Knockout gas: have player's sim pass out.
        • Stinky bomb: makes player's sim stinky.
        • Discharge: player's sim get electrecuted.
    • Treasure Chests - objects, items and cash that can be stored in for visitors to collect.
      • Interaction for owner: lock it & unlock it.
    • Sliding Bookshelf Doors - only can be opened by a certain level and by its skill (customized by the owner), or/and by a switch.
    • Key: intented to open doors and chest, which can be hid in
      • pinatas (after it is striked).
      • Trash compactors&bins.
      • Sinks (require specific mechanical skill by the owner).
      • Chest.
    Behaviour with non-exclusive objects.
    • Lever a-like: tv and stereo (turning on/off), computer (hacking), lights (turning on/off).
    • Button a-like: toilet (flushing), treasure (opening), repairing something, phone ("picking it up").
    • #1 Floor Switch: Start rug, Yellow Backgammon Marker, Arrow Marker, Red Backgammon Marker
    • #2 Floor Switch - keeps toggled a linked object as long as somebody is standing on it

    • Link =>
      • Turn on to=> [object] => [result]: list
      • Turn off to => [object] => [result]:

    Linked objects
    The Following results can happen to the respective objects:
    • Stove ~ be set on fire.
    • Electronics ~ a)break; b)turn on; c)turn off.
    • Doors ~ a)unlock; b)lock.
    Once you select the mode for switch (or you skip this step If it's temporal type), you can then link the switch with that mode to an object when that mode occurs. For example, with a switch you assign to a door, via Link to => Door. After that, select what will happen to it. Since it is already closed, the available interaction is => Unlocked. I can also link it to another object, like a stove to start burning. Link to => Stove => Start a fire!.
  2. Alonzo

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    I could see a new category being installed, but this is not it.
  3. X_Lukelisx

    X_Lukelisx Member

    I talked with a developer. He said he like it and should be posted.
  4. Alonzo

    Alonzo Active Member

    And that's fine.. I am not in charge of this game. I just feel that this concept is way too far fetched, and can just be put into the existing games category.
  5. X_Lukelisx

    X_Lukelisx Member

    Not really. Logic gates don't exist in the game (yet?).
  6. Alonzo

    Alonzo Active Member

    Idk, keep Brainstorming.
  7. Victoriana

    Victoriana New Member

    I think it's a cool idea! Sounds like something fun to do
  8. ron1

    ron1 Member

    we already have swords and fire in the game we just need killable NPC's that drop items and money. also a 'click slash' system so that interactions dont have to be queued. i would love to have a butcher monster or some graverobbers to kill. also some kind of sim "inventory" aside from the regular one where you can equip weapons and armor.
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