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Discussion in 'Sims Games' started by EricasFreePlay, Sep 27, 2016.

  1. EricasFreePlay

    EricasFreePlay New Member

    I am shopping for a new laptop for Christmas. My budget is $1000. What are the top specs needed to run TS2-TS4 and FSO without any lag or performance issues? Thanks.
  2. RHY3756547

    RHY3756547 FreeSO Developer Staff Member Moderator

    Dedicated graphics card (eg, GTX 940M, really anything is an improvement on intel) and a reasonably powerful CPU will work on all sims games. The games you'll have the most trouble running without dedicated gfx are TS2 (compatibility) and TS3.

    FreeSO runs on intel but it could certainly run faster (VRAM thrashing causes stutter), currently the bottleneck is usually the cpu generating the sprite geometry.
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  3. Driesje44

    Driesje44 Active Member

    If you have the Ultimate Collection from the Sims 2 then I think compitability isn't really an issue? :) It works great on my computer with Win7 and it worked also great on Win8 and 10 on my laptop ;)
  4. EricasFreePlay

    EricasFreePlay New Member

    I have all of the Sims 2 (discs and the Ultimate Collection on Origin). I played it when I first got this laptop (with Win 8). I then upgraded it to Win 10.
  5. HerpToTheDerp

    HerpToTheDerp New Member

    Personally, my desktop with a Hex Core CPU and Integrated AMD graphics can run the Sims 4 fine (on lowest graphic settings of course but still 30fps). So an Intel Integrated would be fine if you want to be cheap. Honestly, if you're spending $1,000 on a laptop it should run with almost no problems no matter what you buy.

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