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    Here is a handy guide at your fingertips which tells you exactly how to do multiple tasks, including install Project Dollhouse.
    1. First, you'll need TSO. We are using this download from EA since it's free, and it's one of the versions we support. Download the installer, and run it, following the on-screen instructions.
    2. Download Project Dollhouse. If you want, you can download the milestone versions here or you can download the cutting-edge builds from here; to do so, log in as a Guest, and choose one of the branches in light blue on the left - do not click on it. Go along to the right where you see Artifacts, and click on the arrow; on the dropdown list, select where x is the build number.
    3. Extract the .zip file that contains all of the Project Dollhouse files you have downloaded. If you downloaded from the experimental / TeamCity server, you just need to double-click on tso.client.exe where you extracted all the files to; for everyone else, you must double-click on PDInstaller.exe and follow the instructions you see on screen after that.
    You should have successfully installed Project Dollhouse! If you installed from the milestone builds, you can launch it from the start menu, if not then launch it from tso.client.exe where you extracted it!
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    1. This was described briefly in the "Installing Project Dollhouse" section but now will be expanded upon here. First, you need to go to the TeamCity server located at
    2. Then, click "Log in as guest". This should take you to a (confusing, at first) screen with multiple links and buttons. Follow the next few instructions very carefully!
    3. Choose one of the branches displayed (they are highlighted in blue on the left) that you would like to download the most current build for, but do not click on it! This would take you to a completely different page with build logs that you do not want to be downloading at the moment.
    4. Instead, click on the arrow on the right of the "Artifacts" link on the row of the build that you have chosen; this will open a small drop-down box with a link captioned "dist-x" where x is the build number. Go ahead and click on the link - this should promptly download the build in a zip folder.
    5. Unzip the zip folder to a folder on your desktop. Then, navigate to the folder, and find "tso.client.exe" ("tso.client" on some configurations) and run it. This will then display the splash screens used in The Sims Online, and start the background music.
    6. You have successfully installed the most current build of the branch you have chosen - well done! Give yourself a pat on the back and continue playing.
    The server was kindly provided by @ddfczm! Thank him next time you see him.

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