No e-mail after resetting my password?

Discussion in 'Support' started by KailynnKat, Jul 10, 2018.

  1. KailynnKat

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    I haven't played FreeSO in a while. When I tried logging in today it failed. So I went to to reset my password. It says an e-mail has been send, but there is nothing in my inbox (nothing the spam folder either)! And when I try to re-send the e-mail it says "That account is already awaiting a password reset", so I can't do anything.
    I already made sure that it's the right e-mail. Does it maybe take longer for the e-mail to arrive?

    Any help is appreciated!
  2. KailynnKat

    KailynnKat New Member

    Update: It finally worked! I'm not sure if it worked because I did that, but I added to my contacts. (This was suggested in another thread were the e-mail wouldn't arrive)
  3. RHY3756547

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