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    I only have one question at the moment but figure more'll crop up soon.
    First, though, I've got to say HOLY MOLY! I love love LOVE being able to actually see Sims. Almost as amazing as the animation viewer.

    The question: Is there any way to dress an NPC yet?

    EDIT: I kinda figured out the answer to my question and I thought I'd add in my new understanding of the differences between TS1 NPCs and TSO NPCs for anyone else curious about it.

    Instead of defining one specific outfit for a NPC, TSO uses a list of potential outfits (and heads) and chooses one (at random?) when creating the NPC. These lists are listed on lines 9 (bodies) and 10 (heads) of the body string.

    TSO appears to use Lines 1 and 2 to assign a single (default?) skin. Even when only one outfit is to be used, it appears to be entered into line #9 and #10 - The swanky restaurant staff, for example, has only one head option and instead of just listing it n Line#2, it has listed the head on both lines #2 and # 10

    The only difficulty (at this time?) is that the outfits are not listed by file name or another string of text that is easily recognized by people.

    I've copied and pasted the lines from existing NPC

    Little side note to my side note - importing NPCs from TS1 into FreeSo means a bit of picking through and finding SemiGlobal BHAVs that need changing. One that'll show up a lot is TS1's "new adult idle" as its BHAV # (8330) is used for something else in TSO. It should be switched back to the old idle (#8301)
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