Off-beat lots are pretty boring (imho)

Discussion in 'Gameplay Designs' started by X_Lukelisx, Jul 1, 2017.

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    To make them unique and stand out from the rest of the lots, therefor introducing d i v e r s i t y ...

    I think we should give owner the ability to specific requirements of what visitors should be applicable of to enter. This option includes:
    • Type of skill and their level.
    • Gender. (like making boys/girls club)
    • job and its level (e.g, Restaurant - Scatterbrained Server: For reliable people who can work on a player-build restaurant lot, or
    • amount of friends/enemies, enemies.friend with who
    • financial status:
      • Poor: less than §1000
      • Middle Class: (§10,000 - §30,000)
      • Wealthy: more than §30,000
      • Custom: specify exact balances from-to.

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