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    Garden Swing Piff
    • Sitting interaction works (swinging is built into the Sit interaction).
    • Sitting function (like reading a book) works properly (no swinging).
    • Adds comfort properly (I chose to increase both the maximum comfort level and the comfort per hour from the TS1 values)
    • If your fun is low, Swinging adds fun (but see below)
    • Roomscore of 20 has been added (compared to moroccan loveseats' 30)
    • Cuddle is broken. In addition to the same wonkiness all sofas have with Cuddle, this one has additional issues. It shows on the Object Menu even when only one Sim is sitting on the bench. (Possibly because this is a 4 tile object posing as a 2 tile sofa? The Semi-global is not expecting that.) Cuddle does work properly (like any other sofa) when 2 sims are sitting there and you click on the SIM rather than the object)
    UNTESTED (in Legacy)
    1. The "Set Motive Change" primitive is in used to raise fun when 2 people are using the swing, but this does not actual raise any fun in Legacy. I am just taking it on faith that it works in the more up to date FreeSO :)
    2. When sims "cuddle" on seating their relationship increases. This cannot be tested in Legacy.
      (And fwiw the relationship gain from cuddling seems a bit broken. Way too fast/much with zero input from the players after starting to cuddle)
    NOTE: This really should be updated to be SALVAGEABLE

    Due to some improvements in FreeSO over the past couple of years, this file no longer works properly (some mistakes it had were being ignored)

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    Thanks for fixes:)
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    My pleasure :) While JDrocks is doing the more fun and exciting items, I thought I might get some of the fun and mundane items patched up. Many of those items just need some "grunt work" (a phrase to describe work that does not require a lot of thinking and figuring out. Grunt work is usually boring and tedious, as well)

    These files have been added to he game so there is no reason to download them separately; the zip has been removed.

    2 Picnic Table Piffs
    tablepicnic2.piff (left) & tablepicnic.piff (right)
    It seems someone'd already started making these work in TSO, but pointed one set of "Test Object Type" nodes to the wrong object. (The beach one also had a couple others swapped around). These changes were made in the "sit with an empty slot" BHAV

    Catalog info (partial)
    Epoch Etchings Picnic Table g=14E3CDC6
    Survivall Picnic Table g=2F9DA172

    UPDATED FILE (Aug 6): Fixed some more incorrect Test Object nodes so food is now served on the tables a little more prettily.
    I really think it can still be enhanced a little more, though.
    1) The Sims walks to the table to serve food on it before checking to see if something is already there. Minor hiccup that looks silly.
    2) Anything placed on the center of the table disables it as an eating surface. An eating surface is a picnic tables ONLY purpose so that should take priority over everything else.
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