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Discussion in 'Play-Tests' started by PatrickJr, Mar 21, 2016.

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  1. RainCloud

    RainCloud Active Member

    I get that almost every time I update also, I just say keep :p
  2. AquilaSim

    AquilaSim Administrator Staff Member Moderator

    That's probably the most ridiculous comment I ever read... except if you was not serious when you said this???
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  3. PatrickJr

    PatrickJr Member

    Thank you :3
  4. Yeah, I was online in that discord group yesterday, but I didn't ask for the new IP because it was late (I remember you saying that you were going to bed, and people should be saving the house so, if the server crashes, there was at least a backup), and I was having fun messing around the FSO.IDE.

    I will ask for the IP later, thanks. ;)
  5. zc456

    zc456 Well-Known Member

    Please, stop assuming Reddit users are the cause. They're not bad and actrually quite mature.
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  6. Yeah, I don't know why it is redditors fault when you have this in YouTube comments about FreeSO.



    A better solution would be adding an Whitelist system to the server, how? Well... (if editing the server source is possible without making everyone download a modified client).

    Make whitelisted Sim names ("but... then everyone can use the name and join the server"... well, wait a bit) and make a password system, so, when you login, you need to write in chat the Sim password (of course the chat bubble won't be shown, lol), if it is the right password, allow the player to play, if not, kick the player.

    Of course, this would require server editing, so the hostname solution is a "bit" easier... but hey, that's just an idea that's difficult to implement! :D
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  7. RHY3756547

    RHY3756547 FreeSO Developer Staff Member Moderator

    Nice redacted, it's very clear that that's Kpopp...

    You're all forgetting that this is not what The Sims Online was, and what we've got right now is still incredibly incomplete from a gameplay perspective. You're not meant to be able to do everything on everyone's lot for free, things are meant to cost money, and you need to manually appoint roommates to allow them to build.

    Permissions will come for the sandbox testing environment as a result of them being developed for the MMO gameplay, which should be sometime soon.
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  8. I just shared that comment because it isn't the "redditors" (well, at least not the most part) that it is trolling PatrickJr's server.

    Why I redacted? To not create free advertisement.

    Anyway, good luck implementing the permission system :)
  9. Emilian

    Emilian New Member

    Just like Rhy said, in the original Sims Online game the only ones able to build or modify things on a lot were the lot owner and the assigned roommates. Absolutely no one else could do anything to a lot but use the existing facilities.
    With regards to permissions, you used to be able to ban a sim from entering a house but that was possible because once you created a sim, that was were stuck with it and if you wanted to delete it and create another one you would have lost all your money, friends and skills...which was discouraging.
    The game in its current state is missing a lot and understandably so, there were a lot of background processes involved in getting the game to run properly and we're still in the early days.
    I'm extremely grateful and appreciative for the fact that the game is playable as it is right now and would like to thank the developers who are actively working on improving it.
    Sadly the trolls are taking the fun out of the game and unfortunately, at this stage at least there is nothing we can do about it.
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  10. Nfisee

    Nfisee New Member

    How do I get the IP address? I really want to play freeSO
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  12. AngelicLlama

    AngelicLlama New Member

    I think they meant that as a more friendly "raid" if you understand what I'm saying, as in like, just a ton of people joining and acting weird than the more hostile "raids" that happen sometimes, like crashing the server etc. But yknow, who knows what they meant?
  13. IDEK!2

    IDEK!2 New Member

    what is the ip?

  14. PatrickJr

    PatrickJr Member

  15. Jonawtawn

    Jonawtawn New Member

    Hello guys! I am new to the forum, but I already play the game from a week ago, I think.
    I discovered this IP because of Kpopp and I tried it one time until the IP change recently. When I read the posting from RHY, I just want to say that, we, as Kpopp's subscribers and fans, apologized if we did some trouble to your server. And for MrPowerGamerBR, we like to goof around and by raid, it's just like, come to the server and have fun. We don't intend to break things randomly or be a troll. If you know, Kelly likes to do stream too, maybe by raid it means that. But there was one time that I bought things randomly and forgot to sell it again. I am sorry if it became a bug. And sorry that I constantly tried to join just to do random things like running and repairing things. I was just excited!
    And for the info, recently, Kelly apologized

    And once again I am sorry if I made some bugs when I was lurking in your IP. Seeing this, maybe I will not play it for some time to make the game in a "perfected" state. I think the game is still sensitive to many bugs, and I don't want to wreck your IP and the game if I do random things. Thanks guys for your hard work! I will see you another time!
    Oh and, Thank you PatrickJr for the amazing play test!
  16. I don't think it should be a issue if you joined PatrickJr's server, as long you respect the server rules. (and yes, FreeSO is not really complete, for me, trolling/raids is when people are having fun and then they start destroying other sims houses for "fun" (of course, this won't be a issue when @RHY3756547 implements The Sims Online lot permissions/money))
  17. PatrickJr

    PatrickJr Member

    Since there has been some disruption on the server, I've placed it offline for a few days.
  18. PaulaButterDeen

    PaulaButterDeen New Member

    I just want to say that I know the person that had the 'raid' comment, he is a mod on KPopp's twitch (as am I) and that comment was meant as a joke. KPopp viewers are generally not that toxic as many youtube 'fandoms', there certainly are trolls who are unavoidable and your definition of troll might be different. KPopp has stated that she will not continue playing FreeSO on youtube nor on her own time. I have tried to set up a KPopp fans (Popptarts) server but unfortunately my router doesn't support it. Anyway I just hope you don't hate us, and hopefully we can get that KPopp server running so we won't 'bother' you.

    Here is a statement Kelly made on FreeSO:
  19. Alessandro Needs A Server

    Alessandro Needs A Server Well-Known Member

    Will this server ever work again?
  20. daleylife

    daleylife Member

    Kpopp brought the drama? I am a fan of hers and I don't know the whole story--- but I've never known her to actively try to "troll". Her statement on FreeSo says she got threatening messages from people here. That's too bad. I had come to test out Patrick's server after I saw her video, but I guess it's no longer working? Whatever the case may be, the game WILL have 'bad players' here and there, so hopefully FreeSo will have rules in place or whatehave you.
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