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    Pets, Crafts and Stuff
    Now open
    We have the dog breeds 1 Carin Terrier, 2 Chihuahua, 2 Poodle,1 Bulldog,
    1 Jack Rusell terrier,1 Greyhound, 2 Yellow Labrador , 1 Irish Setter. Cat`s 1 Sphynx, 2 Calico,3 Black Calico,1 Grey Spotted,1 Ragdoll, 1 Siamese, 1 Albino
    All dogs and cats in store 7200
    Hand Crafted PC`s , . 1 watersprew Sprinkler 1 Pest motels
    Double Recleiner Craft Tables , Handcarved bed , Water Sprayer,Big N Bouncy Ball good for body
    Foot massager , Irrigation System ,Wallmounted Tv Black
    And some rare cc, overprised as not avaible in game longer picked up from my skillot Not illegally Obtained.
    We are sometimes closed at work hours as we slowly stocking the store.
    For parrots ask me Odda Bing to get Mr.Beau (white parrot) 4500, Speaky Scarlet (Red Parrot) 3900
    Got lots of new stuff latly, we now also have code machines and pizza tables!
    Parts arrived at store 1750, a part.
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    Great store! Always worth a visit!

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