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Discussion in 'Gameplay Designs' started by Melika, Mar 12, 2017.

  1. Melika

    Melika New Member

    For the pianos is it possible to add another option to choose the music you want to play? In TS4, the higher skills, the more music you will be able to play. It can be used as a fun object when just playing a song. Every sim is playing Flight of the Bumblebee or Doctor Gradus ad Parnassum after they reached level 9 in creativity which is fairly easy, and they keep playing these 2 songs to level 20. It would be really nice to have the option for piano also for guitars.
    Reference: http://www.tsomania.net/gameguides/piano_music.php
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  2. Mixa97sr

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    They will probably add more songs and the ability to choose to play them according to skill later. Nice suggestion Melika. Instruments should play a great role in entertainment industry.
  3. VergilleDeCastillo

    VergilleDeCastillo New Member

    Good suggestion. If they can'd do that, they could just adjust the current songs so they change after you gain 2 skill points instead of one to spread them out. You'd really have to work hard to learn The Flight of the Bumblebee then.
  4. RHY3756547

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    The skill scaling is built right into the HIT sound scripts for the piano. Might be worth looking into when we have tools to better control the audio content system.

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