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Discussion in '3D Remeshing' started by mrpenguinb, Sep 20, 2017.

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    With the new 3D mode for FreeSO successfully implemented by Rhys, I wanted to help remesh by learning Blender (nearly zero knowledge before doing this re-mesh).
    I now understand 3D modelling (very basic!) and has been valuable to learn.
    I have always wanted to contribute something to the community, this may not be the best way but it is certainly fun trying to figure out how to re-mesh an object! :D
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    The Sims Online (Might work in TS1 too) - Shower Object - Aluminium:
    This shower took a while but without the very talented and useful hands from Michael H, the mesh would not have texture! o_O
    The shower model has been in dire need for a remesh, (it looks like spiders have had a field day lol) it should help with some peoples OCD ShowerComplete.jpg

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