PlantCarnivore bhav and animation optimize

Discussion in 'Objects' started by zero35, Feb 16, 2017.

  1. zero35

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    this optimized PlantCarnivore,added "new animation - Open Mouth" for object when sims feeds it:
    and optimized bhav code,i removed garbage code from bhav "Water"
    next my project is porting flies.iff to make it can kill pest like tso climbing carnivine,but when we try to add kill flies for this carnivore plant however it not work,maybe needs more researches...
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  2. Jucimar Santos

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    What folder I have to install this object?
  3. zero35

    zero35 Active Member

    it's for ts1 only,put it to download folder
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  4. zero35

    zero35 Active Member

    some new wip with flies part:
    i eliminated a flies attribute ,this new attributes map:
    #0 Last Recorded Hour
    #1 Load
    #2 Die?
    #3 Parent object
    #4 Last Direction
    #5 Max Distance from Parent
    #6 Life Left
    and merged old #0 #1 of Last Day Processed&Time to process into #0 Last Recorded Hour, compared to tso mice 2008(ea-land version),tso mice have 4 attributes:
    #0 Last Recorded Hour
    #1 kObjectCausingInfestation
    #2 Die?
    #3 Infested
    because it's more simplify than old ts1 pests,so i modified old ts1&tso flies bhav too
    i has been sent Raeven new prototype flies for test
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