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Discussion in 'Translations' started by Simhrique0990, Feb 25, 2016.

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  2. Do you keep the translate file somewhere? I would like to help :)

    (Maluco = Nervoso)
    (Also, there is a bunch of grammatical errors, I could help fixing it)

    Also, isn't the portuguese language files inside of the IFF files? Or did TSO strip every language except english from the IFFs? (Because, you know, in TS1, the IFFs contains the string in every language avaliable for TS1, english, spanish, portuguese...)
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  3. Simhrique0990

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    Well , I still not available to anyone .. However I can send you . Me as not online on the forum .. but look for " The Sims Online Brazil " I 'll be there .
  4. Sent a participation request on your Facebook group ;)
  5. RHY3756547

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    TSO stripped all languages except English - US, except for some small exceptional objects, wallpapers and floors.
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  6. That's sad... :(

    But, that's not really an issue, just copy-paste the object description from the The Sims 1 object (using IFFEditor) and paste on the The Sims Online language file, I will try to do that later ;)
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  7. RHY3756547

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    Very impressive! I'll need to make some special tools to future proof this (combine multiple language translations, make them work even if we change game version). We will eventually include translations directly with the client.
  8. Simhrique0990

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    406 Files of str.piff.. hard work

    Only Missing, [needs Panel] and walls/floor description.
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  9. Hayran

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    No caso precisar de ajuda e/ou tiver muito mais string no futuro (textos, história, obj etc). Eu vou estar de reserva, apesar de que, estão acabando.
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    Ta tudo bem traduzido, amei
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    Não consigo baixar os arquivos, nem sei se desejo jogar em português mas, se precisarem de ajuda, me coloco à disposição. Sou tradutor e localizador.
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