Posh City. For the wealthy.

Discussion in 'Neighbourhood Suggestions' started by Vogue, Oct 6, 2018.

  1. Vogue

    Vogue New Member

    All of the lots could be luxury themed with casinos, corporate businesses, and high class hotels as well as other luxury themed lots.

    This could be located where Brassy Islands and Muiltilevel Metropolis is right now.

    Decription: A city where everyone has a nosejob and a million simoleons (or at least, we think everyone does). To thrive in Posh city, you need to crush the souls of your enemies and climb your way to the top. Why can't poor people just buy more simoleons?
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  2. RHY3756547

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    I love that last sentence. It should definitely be used in the description of whatever Multilevel Metropolis becomes, if it stays rich themed.

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