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  1. Hello ya'll,

    I've really enjoyed watching FreeSO go further then any project before (NIOTSO,Project Dollhouse (Previous name)!
    My question is if the normal Sims 2 or 3 can be modded in such a way that it plays like Co-op, letting one user control a character while the other can control another one.
    On the Sims Forums it is said to be impossible or extremely difficult, but seeing as FreeSO or an TSO recreation was being called impossible. It might be doable?
    To be honest I do not have the skill set to do such things, but I'd happily test for bugs.

    Co-op Sims 2-3, no MMO style but more like on the PlayStation 2 version (That one had Co-op) but with the option to just separate without person lot a -> 1 person lot b
    & switching sims per usual while locking the one being used by your friend.

    - Sven (Sfekke)
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