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    Version 1.3.2
    • Software Mode using https://fdossena.com/?p=mesa/index.frag for compatibility with older graphics cards or no graphics card at all.
    • General improvement of code and user interface here and there.
    • Some tweaks to hopefully stop some errors from happening too often to a some people (cab corruption).

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    Nice work, I see word of my idea got around quickly. ;)
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  3. Sim

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    Hello everybody!
    I'm back to work a bit more on the launcher. In particular, I will be focusing on finishing the Mac OS version.


    It'll be here soon. And hopefully it'll make life a bit easier for all of you with these brilliant MacBooks.
    Currently, it does everything in this thread: http://forum.freeso.org/threads/freeso-on-mac.6177/. I'll see if I add anything else I consider useful.
    I'll also be making some improvements to the TSO installer to make it retry failed cab downloads x number of times.
    By the way, if anybody has any suggestions, make sure to post them in this thread. I'll be watching.
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