Producable edible Pizzas and "Dance" to Stereo

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    1. While the four players are making pizzas at the "Concessione DiPizza" Professional Kitchen, the fifth player, who is a roomate/visitor, picking the pizza from the table could either sell it or serve the non-burned pizzas to visitors/customers. Owners/Roomates can also toggle "pay-4-pizza" (interaction) so that customers then pay after they been served and are digging in.

    Woohoo on pizzas is not included!

    A party isn't a party when my players can't dance to a stereo! Therefor, I propose to simply add "dance" interaction to playing stereos. And also - it should increase fun whilst its playing in the room while the player character is doing something else.
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    you can dance using the dance interactions given in the pie menu when clicking yourself or by using a dancefloor mat.
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    I don't see the point of expanding the pizza maker. Might as well just put time in designing a whole new pizza object if you wanted to incorporate pizza into the game. Also, a pizza guy might be possible lol.

    The dance to stereo is a decent idea IMO, but Alex is right.
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