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Discussion in 'Gameplay Designs' started by X_Lukelisx, Jun 22, 2017.

  1. X_Lukelisx

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    Merging essentially same concept lots
    I made a pole in the facebook group about whenever merging Games And Entertaintment should be a thing. Many to my suprise pretty much agree with merging those two.... and you get where I'm going with this. As an example, this could be name simply as "Hangout" lot.

    Off-Beats just seem not necessary. Nuff said
  2. Raeven

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    I let this pass on facebook figuring it was a one off impulse. Guess not. When I mentioned merging those two I was just using those two as an example of two that seemed like they might (perhaps) benefit from sharing their special objects and "hangout" was description said casually, not anything I thought would make a good category name (it really doesn't). Honestly, if I wanted to pitch this thought I'd have done it on myself and it would need to be thought out a bit more than a couple of casual sentences. Just because I cannot imagine up a lot that is wholly one OR the other doesn't mean another player couldn't.

    !!! Off-Beat is 100% necessary. It acknowledges that the lot categories are pigeon-hole players a bit and is for "anything you can dream up". I'm floored that anyone would think that is unnecessary in a Sims game.
  3. X_Lukelisx

    X_Lukelisx Member

    I still can't see how Off_Beat are necessary. Pretty sure one lot can fit one or the other category, which makes off-beat pointless. What does off-beat offer special/unique anyway?
  4. JWofles

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    Off Beat is pretty useless but I think in the future Rhys wants to give it a purpose/give it some benefit of some sort.
  5. Alonzo

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    "Hangout lot" is the worst name I have ever heard lol.. Also, Off-beat is more for the look and feel rather than the game bonus. I do agree adding something would be neat; possibilities are endless for all categories to be tweaked.
  6. ron1

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    another old thread but there are about 5 more lot categories than there needs to be.

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