Random Memories of TSO/Ea Land Games

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by yoyo, Aug 4, 2015.

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    This is just for anyone that had the good luck to play TSO or Ea Land back in it's heyday. Just rattle off little things that you missed or go into detail about the kind of sims you met and played as.

    As for me I remember:
    *Drink until you pee contests
    *Giant Maze Lots where you had to use teleporters across the entire lot to get to the end of the maze and some lots gave out like 1000000 dollars for finishing them. They were so hard :p
    *Finding a lot with a stage and improving little scenes while other sims watched
    *Making Pizza, Playing Band, and all the other job objects
    *Getting married and watching other sims get married
    *A roleplaying hospital where you either played as a doctor or a patient
    *The excitement when this player was retiring his sim and decided to give me all his money
    *this one time I was the DJ for a lot and started to name random song titles I made up lol

    What do you guys remember? Any screenshots or stories? I love reading other player's experiences so please share them :)

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